Being Well at a Distance


What a week!  I know, it feels like it’s been much longer since we all began learning and working from home, but sadly, it’s only been a week.  For some of us, being told to stay home feels like a relief.  For others, it feels like we might crawl out of our own skin.  Regardless of where we fall on the spectrum of introversion/extroversion, we can all benefit from some kind of social interaction.

Two weeks ago, none of us could have dreamed up these circumstances, but here we are.  Now, we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to stay well.
Five of our favorite ways to stay well right now are:
  1.  Move your body
  2.  Eat Well
  3.  Hydrate
  4.  Use Your Mind -Work, Read, Create, Write; something to stretch your mind
  5.  Connect with others
If you are looking for some new ways to get fit, BeachBody, Core Power Yoga and Peloton are just a few places offering free classes.  Check out their websites for information on how to access these classes.  G, is also offering some meditation times several times a week.  Check her Instagram for this week’s times.
It’s important for us to keep some level of a routine during this time at home and working out can change your entire mindset, so keep moving your body.


This week though let’s make sure we are taking care of our mental well-being as well.  As I said earlier, we need to be sure we are finding ways to connect with other people.


When our girls were young, we tried to find ways to stay connected with our families since they lived so far away.  Our favorite way to connect was through some form of video chat, like Skype.  The girls loved being able to see them and talk to them on the computer screen.  It wasn’t the same as seeing them in person, but it was close.


These days we FaceTime with our family occasionally and with our girls a little more often.  Of course, nowadays we just have to push a button on our phones to see our loved one’s smiling faces.  I can’t say I have ever Facetimed with any of my friends, though, especially ones who live in the same city.  This weekend, as we were all faced with staying in, we got creative.  My sister organized a happy hour on Friday and we all caught up virtually through Zoom.  It was a little chaotic, as we were all trying to talk over one another, but fun nonetheless. I believe we have another one scheduled for next weekend.  Hawaiian shirts are required.
Later that same night, my daughter and her husband entertained us with a little concert on Instagram Live.  Our week of social distancing had certainly taken a turn for the better.


On Saturday, another friend asked us to join her “house party” which is another app you can download to your phone. Six of us caught up on our families, working remotely and our canceled plans, but mostly we laughed and toasted 33 years of marriage to one of the couples.  Not the most exciting way to spend your anniversary, but they were in good spirits AND her husband gave her a new pack of toilet paper as a gift, so she wasn’t complaining.


Guys, we need to get creative during this time.  Use the resources at our disposal, try something new in your workout, try a new app to connect with your friends; do something everyday to make your situation the best it can be.  Let’s work together to be well.  Stay home, but stay connected.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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