Dirt holes and unexpected flowers

There is a historical home down the street from where I live that’s being remodeled, expanded and restored. It’s turning into quite the home. In an expansion such as this, there has been a fair amount of excavation and digging. One day while walking by I noticed there is a partially filled-in hole with flowers growing all over it. The first time I saw it there was something about the juxtaposition of it all that spoke to me.

We have a nondescript dirt hole and yet wildflower volunteers have made their way here to cover this space with unexpected beauty.

How many times in our lives have we been in our own proverbial dirt hole, convinced that nothing good can come out of it, only to be proven wrong? We somehow discover it wasn’t all bad. If we look for silver linings, we tend to find them.

Many of you started the last 90 days with us on Tuesday. And already it’s felt a little like a dirt hole and at the same time, a little like flowers blooming for no good reason. Nearly everything we ever do, get, find in life worth anything will require something of us. It will expect us to change, grow, open, stretch, reach or even be still.

Comfort for so much of our life seems to be our goal and yet comfort isn’t what transforms us. Comfort lulls us into complacency.
Discomfort is what presents to us our growth edges. It shows us where our world is limited, those are the dirt holes we try desperately to avoid.
I feel confident in the next 80-some days left I will be presented with dirt holes, places I am called to grow. When I accept the challenge, look out, because here come the flowers.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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