Vacation Rules

Andy and Jake bonding at the Hanalei Farmer’s Market

I know, we promised stories from the islands and all we have given you so far is a tragic tale of G leaving her shorts behind. 

Insert hysterical laughing emojis.


These are the moments when I wish this were a podcast rather than a blog because then you could at least hear the sarcasm, laughter and utter joy we have had discussing these stupid shorts.

And by the way…for all of you incredulous readers, including G, MOM HAS THE SHORTS!


Insert more laughing emojis.


It’s all been part of the fun knowing that the shorts and all the things are safely in Ohio waiting to be delivered safely back to G.  Oh, not the brown sweat pants.  They are still here and that Jingle Bell racing shirt?  I have no idea what happened to that old T-shirt.  Also, can I just reiterate that when G left her belongings all those years ago, she said, “no worries, it’s old stuff.”  She didn’t care about them until I kept them.  It’s just like a baby sister who doesn’t want their toy unless their sibling wants it, then it’s game on!

Let’s move on, shall we?


Since we are on the topic of sharing, let’s talk about all of the sharing that happens while you are on vacation.  We had two condos while we stayed in Kauai.  My sisters and their families stayed in one and my family and mom and dad were in the second condo. We had 11 people the first week and 9 the second.  Let’s take a moment to ponder on the idea of sharing space with grandparents, parents, daughters and boyfriends.  There were three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen in my condo. That is A LOT OF SHARING.


When you have that many people in one space there are some questions that are repeated many times each day.  There is one though that was repeated most often and had hard and fast rules around it at the beginning of the trip.

By the end these rules were blurred beyond recognition.

“Is there someone in the bathroom?”  Immediately followed by, “who is it in the bathroom?”


This matters greatly because there are rules:

If your spouse is in the shower and you just need to take a quick bathroom break you many enter.  I repeat, it must be a QUICK bathroom break.  If it’s something else you must go to the pool bathroom because I repeat SHARING SPACE.


If it’s your daughter in the shower and it’s mom who needs to come in, this is also allowed and vice versa.

If boyfriend or girlfriend are in the shower and their significant other wants to enter…it depends who is in the hallway because you don’t want to seem inappropriate to whomever is standing there. Except for Sydney (daughter) and Jake (Sydney’s finance) who clearly think there are no rules because of their upcoming nuptials and all.

If you want to use Grammie and Grampie’s bathroom which is in their room you must first see if their door is locked.  Yes, they often locked us out.  I’m not saying there was anything going on I’m just saying it’s been 50 years and they were there to celebrate.

If their door was unlocked, you must also knock and yell to be sure that nobody is in their bathroom because Grampie needs hearing aides.

As the days went on we all became more comfortable with one another. Actually, I would say Andy and the boyfriends became the most comfortable.  They started walking around with less clothing and the rules around the bathroom became a little  ambiguous.  There was more than one occasion where Andy needed to use the bathroom and he didn’t mind going while one of the boyfriends were showering and apparently they didn’t mind that he was in there.


In fact, Andy became very comfortable using the bathroom regardless of who was showering with the exception of his daughters who refused to let him in regardless of how quick he was.  By the last few days it became a little comical because Andy always had to use the bathroom while someone was showering.  Okay, maybe it’s not that funny because with 9 people someone was always in the shower.

Anyway, because it was a running joke and we were all VERY comfortable with one another we convinced Jake to knock on the door while Andy was showering and ask him if he could come in and take a NOT SO QUICK bathroom break.

I can barely type this without crying tears of gut-wrenching laughter.  To say we all fell on the floor laughing when Jake followed through with the plan would be an understatement.  We are still laughing about it, but that’s what happens when a lot of people share space for a long time…clothes get left behind and rules get broken.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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  1. Annie says:

    Is your mom now wearing the famous shorts? If yes, that adds a new dimension…


    1. G (of Lowi & G) says:

      No they are back home with me… where they belong 🙂


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