Lowi’s Takeaway…

If you have been following us since the beginning you might know that G has a tendency to leave her belongings laying around for the taking.  Once upon a time she left a lovely pair of brown, velour pants on my bathroom floor.  I wrote about it many moons ago.  I still have the pants and she still wants them back, but some lessons are difficult to learn, apparently.

As you know we were all in Hawaii together.  G did not stay in our condo, so it wasn’t likely we were going to accidentally mix our clothes up.

As luck would have it though, on her very last day we hiked to Queens Bath and she had to shower at our condo.  I can hardly type this without smirking, but she willingly left a swimsuit, t-shirt, shorts and running shoes for us to bring home because they were muddy and wet.  Yes, I kindly washed everything so mom could take them home, but then…those shorts turned out to be so cute.  Truth be told, I have had my eye on these amazing shorts since we vacationed together last summer.  They are just the right length and it’s hard to find just the right pair of shorts sometimes, you know?  Yes, I tried them on.  And then I took a photo of me in them.  I was right.  They really are the perfect length…for me.  You know, G is much taller and her legs are longer so they are actually a little short for her…probably. I am not saying they are too short, I am just saying it’s likely since they look so good on me.

Anyway, I think I will keep the shorts and send her sweatpants back just to be fair.  It’s kind of like Stitchfix or something.  I keep what I like and return what I don’t want.  I am also sending her swimsuit and shirt back.  They say that orange is the new black, but orange really isn’t my color.  I will let G rock the orange bikini!

G, you can pick up the rest of your belongings from mom.  She has been under strict orders to lie about their whereabouts if you inquired about them and not to return anything until this blog was posted.  So, basically mom is an accomplice and agreed I should keep the shorts.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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