Life Lesson: Don’t Leave Your Clothes on the Bathroom Floor

Bloggers’ note: We are continuing with our review of some of our favorite blogs of the past year. This one was a classic example of what makes our Lowi & G friendship/sisterhood work.

It’s very likely that growing up you heard your mother say something to the effect of, “don’t leave your clothes on the bathroom floor!” If you are a parent you have probably uttered these words more times than you can count.

A few years ago, like maybe eight, G came out to visit for a few days. The day she was to leave we had just enough time to get in a run and a shower prior to heading to the airport.

Upon returning home, I found G’s sweatpants and old race T-shirt lying on the bathroom floor! My immediate thought was, “crap, now I will have to go to the post office to ship this stuff back to her.”

Reenactment of the clothes that were left behind.

I let her know that she left them and honestly she didn’t seem too worried about them. I believe she uttered something along the lines of, “no worries, it’s old stuff anyway.”

Well, I washed everything, folded it and set it on my dresser so I would remember to mail it. Then one morning I was short on clean pants…so, I did what any sister would do. I borrowed her sweatpants. I mean they were clean and they were just sitting there. It’s not like G would know or even care if I wore her pants.

Here they are sitting nicely on my dresser waiting to be mailed back….

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I became obsessed with these pants. They were old, brown, velour pants; worn, soft and broken in like a great pair of old jeans that you can’t bear to part with.

That’s probably how G was feeling as well, but I was hooked and I was not about to send these cozy bits of comfort back to her. A few days later I thought to myself, “if these pants are so awesome I wonder what the shirt is like?” Don’t you know I put that old race shirt on and it was big and comfy and perfect for lounging around in, especially when paired with those sweatpants. It’s like I had found the promised land of comfort. There was no turning back and I had to let G know. I don’t remember the exact details of that phone call, but I do remember she was amused and a little confused when I said I was never sending them back to her. I am not sure she totally believed me.

Let me be clear. I am not one to keep something that belongs to someone else. I will send your hairbrush back to you if you happen to leave it at my house. Phone charger? Yep, it’s coming back to you. This was not my usual behavior pattern but you have to understand that this was like the Holy Grail of Loungewear, people! These were no longer just my sister’s clothes that she left on the bathroom floor. I needed this outfit. I felt tremendous guilt, but it did not deter me. I wanted them and I would not return them.

As Christmas approached the guilt started eating at me…just a little. So, I began looking for these same pants at Victoria’s Secret, which is where they were originally purchased. Bingo! I found a gray pair with a matching jacket. So I bought them…for G. Yep, you got that right! I bought her a new outfit because I refused to give up the perfectly worn pants and old T-shirt. I know it’s CRAZY, but I couldn’t help myself.

The Holy Grail in all its well-worn magnificence!

I am not sure if G still has the sweatpants I bought her that year for Christmas, but I still have the outfit that she left on my bathroom floor. Every now and then when we are talking on the phone I let her know I am wearing them and I laugh. I am pretty sure she rolls her eyes and curses me under her breath, but I can live with that.

A very sexy shot of my wearing these earlier in the week while talking to G on the phone.

Author’s Note:  I actually had to wait for the pants to finish drying so I could take these photos!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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