Embrace Your Whole Life

As we head into the weekend, take time to be outside. Take time to breathe the fresh air. Take time to be with yourself and be honest about how you are feeling. Are you depleted, exhausted? Or are you feeling newly inspired and full of excitement?

Either way, follow where you are being led. Exhausted, get some rest. Inspired, get to work.

Life really isn’t all that complicated. How we listen to ourselves (or not) and choose to act (or not), is typically the source of our complexities.

We want to keep pushing through our fatigue. And we want to run away from our genius. Embrace them both, they have lessons for us.

As I was reminded recently, instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?” ask yourself “What am I learning right now?”
“Because typically what you are learning is why it’s happening. It’s all about the lesson, not the circumstance.” (Mastin Kipp, Daily Love)

It can be so hard for us to separate the lesson from the circumstance. Sometimes  by not learning lessons we end up in circumstances that are highly unpleasant, sometimes unbearable. But if we learn the lesson we can stop coming back to the same tree, in the same fork in the road. Learn the lesson and you get to move forward. Resist learning, resist the experience and it will keep popping back up.

Trust me, I have resisted and resisted and resisted. Now I am learning little by little to embrace, embrace and embrace. Give it a try, embrace your whole life.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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