Sandra Dallas PC:

Do any of you have a person that you admire, obsess over, dream of meeting? No, Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t count because he’s like on another level of what I’m talking about. Let me give you an example. Maybe 6 or 7 years ago I went to a conference to see Brené Brown. I LOVE her. She feels like someone who might be your neighbor or even best friend. I don’t know what she would be like if she were my neighbor but everywhere I have seen her speak in person or watched a video, she is exactly the same, down to earth version you always see. When I met her face to face to have her sign my book, I joked, I laughed, I gushed; I basically fan-girled my way through the meeting. It was slightly embarrassing, but that’s what we do, right?

So, besides Brené Brown I have another author that I…admire. Some people have used other verbs to describe my admiration, but I just really just enjoy her.
About 10 years ago, when we were buying our house in the mountains one of my book club friends mailed me an article from the Denver Post. It was about Sandra Dallas. The article showcased a beautiful, historic home in Georgetown that had recently been renovated by Sandra Dallas and her husband. It shared a bit of her story and the fact that she lived part-time in the house and the other half in Denver. The photos of the home were stunning and I kind of knew where the house was. The reason my friend sent this was because we had read several of her books over the years and our entire group loved her. I also knew she was hoping we could get her to speak at one of our monthly meetings.


So I started researching Sandra Dallas a little more. She was also coming out with a new book called The Brides House. It seemed like the perfect time to meet one of our favorite authors. I tracked down her email. Don’t ask because I don’t remember how I got it. Perhaps it was on a website or somewhere in her book or a church directory, I just don’t recall. Anyway, I emailed her and fan-girled all over her and asked if she would be willing to speak at one of our book club meetings in Georgetown. She replied very quickly and, while very gracious, declined committing to a book club discussion. She did say that IF she was in town at the same time as book club she would consider it but she really didn’t do much of that anymore. Well, I couldn’t drag 10 friends to the mountains for a very slight possibility of meeting Sandy, as I like to refer to her, so I just read the book myself.


It was one of my favorites. It’s rich with the  history of Georgetown and it’s long line of family legacies. Many of their ancestors still have homes and businesses there today.

That first Christmas, we decided to go to the local Presbyterian Church. As we sat down in the old pews I began scanning the bulletin. Lo and behold I practically jumped out of my pew! Sandy was going to read scripture!
I could barely contain myself. Did she look like her book cover photo? Where was she sitting? Would I get to meet her? Would it be appropriate to tell her how much I admired her work at Christmas Eve service? As it turned out, I didn’t get the opportunity to meet her, shake her hand or even make eye contact.

It was disappointing, but now I knew where she spent her Sundays so…

Once summer arrived and we could get out and explore I took my girls for a bike ride into town. They like to refer to this adventure as “the stalking of Sandy” but I was just taking them for ice cream. Yes, we rode up and down some streets until we found hers and we might have stood outside staring at it for a minute or two but it is magnificent.  Also, it’s right next to the Presbyterian Church so sometimes we loiter after church.


In all of these years, though, I have never had the opportunity to come in contact with Sandy. Sure, I could have pushed my way through the 80-year-olds to get to her on any random Sunday, but I am a patient woman and I believe things happen when they are supposed to.


Flash forward to last weekend.  You know the infamous 3-day-old sports bra weekend?  Yeah that one.  Well, as luck would have it, Easter (10 years after that first stalking attempt), was the day that the universe decided I should meet Sandy. When it came time to greet one another and Pass the Peace, I looked up and there she was.  She held out her hand, looked at me and said, “I am so glad that you are here.” I had no words other than Happy Easter.  Andy and Reese stared at me.  I think they were waiting for me to faint or fawn all over her.  I was cool, until we got in the car.  I told them that she was happy that I was there.  Reese replied, “she said the same thing to me, mom” and rolled her eyes.  Whatever, I knew she meant it when she said she was happy I was there.

Dreams do come true.


Do you think it would be appropriate for me to email her again? Maybe just stop by and see if she wants to go get some tea?  Andy thinks I should probably just read another one of her books and leave her alone, but I’m not convinced.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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