Communicating in the Era of Auto Correct

Blogger’s note: Please see our updated views based on reference to Rachel Hollis.

In a world where it’s seemingly so easy to communicate with Twitter, IG, Facebook, text messaging, you would think we would be more connected and understood than ever. However, I am here to say that between my atrocious handwriting and autocorrect it’s a miracle I can read my grocery list or ever know what Lowi and I are talking about.

I was reviewing my journal, which is really just a nice word for the place that all my words, thoughts, notes, reminders, epiphanies, rants and other things fall into.

See journal is much tidier and easier than all that. And then I have a super technical way of demarcating what I want to return to with the veritable asterisk. But since I don’t really know how to write an asterisk by hand (or even pronounce correctly while we’re at it) it looks like a really drunk star.

Anyway, I have been focusing on taking action on things that go “pow” when I read them. Instead of just thinking that something is powerful, I am committing to taking action on it. I saw I had written myself a note that looked like “RH bruh.”

I don’t typically refer to anyone as “bruh” and I was flummoxed as to what RH was.

It took me a few minutes and then I remembered it was a reminder to go back to Rachel Hollis’ book (not bruh) and review something. These reminders are less effective when they have a “Where’s Waldo” quality.

Last Monday, Lowi and I exchanged some messages about an upcoming race and I said I couldn’t really think about it as the previous day’s race was still packing a punch.

Her response, courtesy of autocorrect: “Sweats Sable!”

Now I am usually pretty good at deciphering random autocorrect — as I am sure you are too — but sweet baby Jesus, I had no earthly clue on this one.

Thankfully she quickly followed it up with what she meant to say:


Not gonna lie, I may like Sweats Sable better. But it does beg the question about the content of Lowi’s text messages that Sweats Sable seemed a more statistically plausible option to her iPhone.

But this wasn’t even the best one as of late. We were planning to meet by phone to discuss the blog because the brilliance we provide each week takes at least 10 or 15 minutes of planning and 45 different interruptions, so while we may be on the phone for 2 hours it could be distilled down to:

“I wrote a blog.”

Response by either of us: “Thank God”

Anyhoo, I told her I had made notes for our meeting and she was not feeling that level of preparedness. I said I just wanted to be “organized because when I get a warm body who I think might understand me… I spew it all out in 50 directions”

She replied, AC (autocorrect) style: “It’s all good Thai warm body speaks sign language so it works!”


Our meeting went great but I don’t know what Thai Warm body speaks sign language is still.

It’s a real cliffhanger.

You better keep following us.  Our sisterly vernacular is so hip — all the cool kids are hanging with us.

These phrases will catch on for sure.

“Thai Warm Bodies”

“Sweats Sable!”

Am I right?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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