Love, Persistence

Blogger’s note: Please see our updated views based on reference to Rachel Hollis.

Recently I have started to follow Rachel Hollis on Instagram. I like her approach to life. She’s got this idea that while some things in life aren’t your fault, they may very well be your responsibility. It’s a hard truth but I think there’s great power in that thinking. She says essentially that some difficult experiences have happened in our lives (not always our fault) but it IS our responsibility to work through our emotions, feelings and wounds. Because we were Made for More. We aren’t here to just go with whatever way the wind is pushing us. We aren’t here to be life’s whipping post. But you will be, if you don’t take charge.

It’s not so much tough love as it is real, honest love.

In her documentary, Made for More, currently on Prime Video she challenges you to face your past so you can embrace your future. Easy to say, way tougher to do. One of the exercises she shares in the documentary is writing a letter to yourself FROM your persistence. People, I was running on the treadmill while watching this and it made me start to cry. She talks about how we never give ourselves credit, real honest to goodness credit for the nonsense, hardship and straight-up trauma we have walked through. Many, if not all of us, have walked through a fire in our lives. Some of you may walking through it right now. PS. If you are currently in the fire, keep going.

After watching half of this I texted Lowi and told her she needed to watch and then I finished watching the rest last night. I was all jazzed up and ready to tell all about the documentary. But I calmed down, settled myself and realized you need to watch it yourself. Get it from your perspective, not mine. Go get your inspiration, whether from this documentary or something. But get it. Find it.

As you head into this weekend, get revved about something — even if it’s getting a mani/pedi or reading an uninterrupted chapter of a book. Get excited. This is your life. What’s happening right now, is your life. If you aren’t happy with it. That’s on you, my friend. It’s on all of us. It’s not always an easy truth to take but it’s truth all the same. Does that mean every moment should be sunshine and unicorn tears? No, but are you moving in the right direction? Are you putting in the time, the work, the healing to get to the other side? If not, maybe you can start right now by watching this documentary. And then watch it again. I think I will be.

I will leave you with this one nugget of wisdom. “Nobody gets to tell you how big your dreams can be.” ~ Rachel Hollis

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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