Breathe in Laughter

Interestingly enough Lowi talked about Breathing in 2019 on Monday and that same day I began a course on Breath as Medicine. For 8 weeks I am learning more in-depth about the power of breathing to help you transform yourself moment to moment. As a yoga teacher, I have always been a proponent of doing breath work also known as pranayama. But I have rarely been as cognizant of my breathing as I do other things in my day, like driving, when I am watching television, working at the computer — you know, the business of life.

And when I learn something new I like to share it as many of you have already likely noticed. Any new fan-dangled adventure that I go spelunking head first into I usually tell you all about it and try to vicariously drag you along.

I was sharing some of these new techniques with the yogis in class this week and some like it and some are sure we’re going to suck up all the oxygen from all that darn breathing. What I did discover, however, is that breathing well can make you happier. I don’t have any scientific proof on that but anecdotally during this yoga class I found myself laughing as we went through it for no good reason. What a concept, happy for no reason?

I don’t think you can be intoxicated by oxygen so I think it was a safe consumption level.

It made me think of Lowi’s plan for the year. Breathe it all in and let go of the need to know what’s next until it’s time. Stay in the light, as they say. Stay in this moment for we only really experience anxiety when we are pushing ahead, future tripping. And typically, we’re mostly depressed when we are dancing around in the past. And the only place of power is — you know the answer — now.

And what does breathing calmly, steadily and purposefully do? Keeps you in the now.

I have been making a practice of staying in the now. As I do, I realize how much effort I have previously put into doing the exact opposite. I am a doer. I have practiced this habit for many years so learning to pull back, to relish in the good moments and to stop running from the hard or difficult has presented its challenges. But it’s a fruitful effort. You stop missing out on life as it is the full rainbow of emotions and we are either all in or we’re out.

One thing I am practicing is learning to seek laughter, seek joy. Every day at some point I take the time for something that may make me laugh. Sometimes it’s random cat videos on the internet, sometimes it’s watching the real, live cat living in my house. Other times it’s the weird and wild things that my husband brings my attention to, like this unusual video of a sheep attacking a shepherd. It’s so odd and yet I laughed.

Take a look, see what you think.

Breathe in deeply. Breathe in the joy. Breathe in the love. Breathe it all in and you’ll find it changes you … for the better.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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