I Love Snow!

That’s right! I love snow. I have been a fan of snow since… forever. Growing up we would ride snowmobiles with our aunts, uncles, and cousins, sled down hills and build snowmen whenever possible. All the usual snow-filled activities.
Of course, snow was also a get-of-school-free card we often prayed to be able to play.

As we have long-established, we are Lauren Graham/Lorelai Gilmore (of the Gilmore Girls) devotees and she, too,  loves snow. Well as least Lorelai does… I am not sure about Lauren. Oddly, we haven’t started stalking her just quite yet.

She often, in the winter episodes of the show, says after a taking a large inhale of some crisp winter air, “I smell snow!”

First off, let’s clear up something for those of you who may live in ever-warm climates, you can, in fact, smell snow!!!

It’s truth.

Crisp winter air has its own smell and snow does, too.
It brought me great joy when it started with flurries late last week and I got a little flurry of excitement inside!
I also got a text from my niece that said: I smell snow. We’ve taught her well.

There’s something about snow being on the way that makes me feel like a kid again. The world gets quieter and calmer when it snows.

Well except for those snow apocalypse people at the grocery store getting their bread and milk, which does beg the question of why you don’t get non-perishable food in case you lose power?? You know like, Pop Tarts, a good granola bar, a bag of chips.

Hang on, I’ve lost my place in this treatise to the snow…

Saturday morning arrived and snow had been promised by every meteorologist and my phone weather app so it had to arrive, right?

As soon as my husband got up to feed the cat on Saturday morning (because a cat’s eating schedule does not pause/paws for weekends) I yelled out to him, did it snow?

John, who dislikes snow as much as I love it, grumbled that it was starting to.
I was out of bed in a hot second (ok maybe 10 minutes, it was Saturday) and planning my morning run in the snow. And it was glorious!
There were very few people out, which during our cold weather lately, means that I saw 4 people in total. That crushed my weekly high last week of 0.

To be honest, I love it when I get the gift of a good snowy run and I see nobody.

It’s the quiet, the stillness that I love and I am not the only one. Just yesterday I heard someone describe snow in the same way — its stillness.

The world is often very loud (or maybe that’s the pep rally that seems to always be going on in my head) and when it gets a nice layer of snow it gets calmer and quieter. Just like humans get a little softer and mellower when covered with a blanket, so does the earth.

So thanks Mother Nature for this little coating of delight for the weekend. I enjoyed it and hope it sticks around for a bit. And for all of you who loathe the snow, wait 10 minutes. We do live in Ohio.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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