We’re Back

We have returned. I am sure you’re all relieved.

It was rough getting back into the swing of things with holidays landing on Tuesdays this year. Frequently, I wondered what day it was, if I was supposed to be somewhere (often I was) and if I could put on my PJs and climb back into bed because… holidays.

But it’s now January 7 and we don’t have any more good excuses to play hooky plus we’ve missed you.

Now that 2019 has gotten going and some of you may have already nixed your resolutions, some didn’t set them and others may have had so much going on they haven’t felt like they could come up for air much less set a stupid goal for the year.

Goal-setting is tricky business. I love to set goals. I love to meet goals. But there are lots of weird, complicated places you can get to with goal-setting that takes you to a mindset that can, frankly, jack you up. I won’t spend too much time on that because you are living, breathing adults likely over the age of 25 so you have lived life and you know the rat race of which I speak.

At the end of December, I really thought it through as 2019 inched closer. I knew there were things I wanted to change, add and adjust but I also knew that after 2018 I needed to find a gentler approach. I am not sure where this burst of insight came from and if I accidentally stole it from you, well, please be kind enough to remind me so I can properly give credit.

I landed on 12 habits for 12 months. Before you get all worked up, stay with me. It’s not really as big as it sounds. I was really specific about it being a habit. I like to look up words to be sure I am really clear: a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

The philosophy behind this was that starting in January I would begin with one single habit that I wanted to become so ingrained that it was “hard to give up.” I figured after 31 days that would be the case plus I had all month to give it some momentum before I split my focus by adding a new habit.

Further, my habit needed to be specific and clear. None of this eating better, cook healthy food. That’s not a habit, those are phrases you throw against the wall and hope they stick and… they don’t. Again I won’t belabor the point because… please see paragraph 5 about you being adults and been there, done that.

Some of my habits are things that will be done every day, some once a week, and others once a month but all were focused on helping me to be happier, healthier and more grounded. My first habit is hydration. I like water. I drink water, but I also sometimes lose my focus. I will do really well at the beginning of the week and then soon I get busy and find myself so thirsty/hangry and I make weird and not so helpful choices. So my habit is by the end of the month I am consistently drinking 2-3 liters of water a day. That can be in water, herbal tea, or any other variation such as that.

When February rolls around my habit to add in is date night at least once a month with the hubs. But I will still keep on with the hydration. See how it goes 🙂
Not long after I had this habits inspiration, I read this blog and you may find it helpful too. 

Overall, we’re easing back into routine. Finding what works and tossing out what doesn’t. The clutter clearing continues and you’ll be impressed but that’s for another day. We hope you had a Merry Everything and 2019 treats you with kindness and unexpected blessings.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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