It’s Better to Give…

This time of year we begin reflecting on the last several months, some are stressing out over holiday to-dos while others are avoiding their holiday lists. However, much of what we find ourselves busy doing this time of year won’t be remembered two weeks from now. We, understandably, get caught up in the momentum of doing. It happens to all us from time to time. We lose focus on the most important things and before long we are out shopping at 10 pm and we can’t remember why.

So a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon 12 Days of Love Letter Writing I thought it was the perfect project to get involved in. It was simple, it mattered, and it was going to make a difference, however small, in someone else’s life.

From December 3-14, The World Needs More Love Letters rolls out its biggest, grandest, most festive love letter writing campaign.

Every day for 12 days you write a letter to someone who could use a boost. The recipients are chosen by The World Needs More Love Letters and for the last 7 years, More Letters has been putting a bow on the holiday season by sharing 12 letter requests over 12 days.

Each day, a new letter request is published for you to write a note of encouragement and love. Write one letter or submit a note to all 12 bundles!  All letters should be postmarked by December 20, 2018. Your love letters will be bundled up with other letters from across the world and delivered by the new year!

Most importantly it’s not too late. Why not take some time over this holiday weekend to write a few notes or all 12 to someone in need? It doesn’t take that much time and can really help out another person. We often wonder, especially this time of year, what we can do to make a difference. Well this is it my friends. It doesn’t cost really more than a stamp and some paper.

We can all think of a time we received an unexpected note (or even text messages) from a friend that gave us just the spark we needed. Imagine how amazing it would be to receive a whole bundle of sparkle when you are struggling?
While at times writing these notes has been challenging because I wasn’t sure what to write or what to say I kept reminding myself that I didn’t need to have the answer all I needed was to extend love.
We know our Lowi and G community is full of kind-hearted souls and we’d love for you to come along on this ride. Go to More Love Letters and read all the letter requests. We hope you’ll choose to send to everyone but if not, at least send to one.

It really is the little things in life that we hold dear. It’s the little human things that help us to thrive. And connection is key to that.  A handwritten note to a stranger letting them know that their time of darkness will not last and even though you don’t know them their heart matters to you is powerful stuff.

So harness your Wonder Woman powers, your Superman cape or whatever necessary and spread the joy of letting someone else know you care.

Sunshine & Twinkly Lights,
Lowi & G


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