O’ Christmas Tree


Before we left Nashville, in November, we helped decorate our girls’ home for Christmas.  We even strung lights outside on the trees and garland around the porch posts.  It’s festive to say the least and at night, every corner sparkles with white lights.

Back here in Colorado we have gotten a slower start to the Christmas decorating.  Okay, yes, I did have Christmas pillows and blankets out by Thanksgiving, but that was easy.

If you recall we have been renovating since early September. While things are slowly wrapping up, we still have contractors here most days. Plus, in order to get festive we had to find all of the boxes of decorations, lights and the tree amongst the chaos.  I mean, we knew the tree was under the dining room table, but there were layers of furniture and boxes to be removed before we could get to it.  So, last week we began the slow process of putting things back where they belong while also setting aside the Christmas boxes. We promised Reese that by Sunday evening we could put up the tree and decorate.


As with most renovations, by the time you finish you don’t even want half the things you’ve  kept!  We sifted through what stayed and what was being donated for probably the third time since moving this stuff out of the basement!  By Sunday afternoon, the dining room and living room had been reassembled and the tree had been rescued from its hiding place.

Reese was happy we had found everything, but she wanted a REAL tree.  It had been years since we have had a real tree for Christmas.

Why not?

Don’t tell me.  I know all the reasons NOT to get a real tree.  But there are so many wonderful reasons to have a real tree standing in your living room. We didn’t even talk about it or weigh the pros and cons.  I think Andy and I both knew it was the year for a real tree.  He just asked where we were going to get the tree and off we went.  I wish all decisions were that simple.


As we strolled through the Christmas tree lot (it was an impromptu decision and it was dark outside. Don’t judge) watching Reese try to find the perfect tree I felt a little teary.  She was so happy to be getting a real tree and how often do we NOT do something because it’s a hassle?  If ever there had been a time in our lives to NOT do something because it was a hassle it would be now.  These last four months have been hard and on top of everything our entire house has been in disarray.  It would be easy to blow it all off and have a minimalistic season, but why would we do that?  I love the lights, sights, and smells of Christmas and this year I want it all.

So, last week we put the tree up and we began to slowly decorate the inside of the house. We are using our Christmas dishes, listening to holiday music and the scented candles are burning. It’s beginning to look like Christmas a little more each day.|

Today it’s supposed to be sunny and warm and you know what that means.  Yep, the hubby is going up on the ladder to get those lights hung on the outside of the house.  I don’t feel bad.  I have climbed the ladder myself many years to hang those lights and I will be out there holding the ladder and the lights!  By this evening our house won’t be the dark one on the street and rest assured our older girls won’t be arriving home for Christmas with the Kranks!
Nope, it’s going to be all sparkles and light with a REAL tree standing in the center of it all.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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