One Trickle at a Time


Last week, the day after Halloween, my middle daughter posted a cute little video about how much she LOVES Christmas.  One of my dear friends called me out in the comments saying she was just like her mama!  I laughed because while I have never, not once, put my tree up before Thanksgiving I do play Christmas music as soon as it snows.  And, I may or may not, be snuggled in a Christmas blanket as I write this blog!

Okay, there may have been a few times I decorated a tree prior to Thanksgiving when I still lived with my parents, but I haven’t done it in at least 25 years!

Don’t get me wrong, I love everything fall, including Thanksgiving.  Yes, I could do away with Halloween, it’s just not my favorite day of the year so don’t send me hate mail.

Anyway, if I had it my way I would put my tree up right after Halloween because I LOVE everything Christmas and Thanksgiving is just part of that big, cozy, twinkly light holiday in my opinion. I am not trying to rush anything, I just think it all goes together.  In fact, this week I went Christmas shopping with my person and we basked in the joy of all things holiday.  We bought ornaments, gifts and soft, cozy, wraps to get us through these cold Colorado days.  We talked about family dinners, decorations, and flights home for the holidays and we lamented the fact that it only lasts a month!

That evening as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I stumbled upon one of my favorites, Kelle Hampton’s page @etst.  She had perfectly put into words what we were describing earlier in the day.  She, too, LOVES Christmas and she can’t wait to begin decorating.  She isn’t waiting anymore and she called this early decorating “the trickle effect.” She starts getting out her holiday boxes at the beginning of November and slowly begins to add twinkle lights and decorations to every corner of her home.  She agrees that one month just isn’t enough time to appreciate all there is to experience during the holiday season.  Finally, someone who gets my enthusiasm.

It makes sense if you think about it.  How many times do we hear people talking about how rushed the season is and how much they have to do in so little time?  Imagine if we stopped shaming everyone for just wanting to add a little cheer for two months instead of one and gave ourselves a little more breathing room for the holidays?

I know, I know, there are way more important things to be discussing and the world seems to be going to “hell in a handbasket” as my family would say.  Don’t ask.  It’s just one of those phrases that makes no sense at all.  I mean who would travel to hell in a handbasket?  Even the internet is confused by this little gem.

As I was saying, I know this seems like a trivial topic, but who doesn’t want to just drink hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music in the the soft glow of twinkly lights?

So, as I write this I have already put Christmas blankets and pillows on the beds, there is a beautiful wreath on the door (thank you, mom), you can smell the sweet scent of balsam fir wafting from the candles and of course my Sirius radio has been playing the Holly station for over a week now.

Thank you, Kelle Hampton, for giving us all permission to go wild and bring on the holidays one trickle at a time.

Sunshine & Sarcasm
Lowi & G

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