Living in the Now

On Friday, Lowi shared what in some ways is the end/beginning of a new chapter or maybe even a new book in her life. How could I know for sure. She doesn’t know. What do any of us really know – for sure?
Not all that much — and that is terrifying to most of us — at least some of the time.
It is all about the context, however.
When we’re walking down the aisle to get married there is all kinds of uncertainty but it feels like excitement. It feels like an adventure.

When we walk down the hall on the first day of high school. It’s part elation and part eery. How did we get here so fast? But mostly we’re excited to be moving toward the life we don’t think has started yet.

I watched Jesse Itzler talk about his book “Living with the Monks: What Turning Off My Phone Taught Me about Happiness, Gratitude, and Focus” and he shared one of the lessons he took from his experience there was the value of time. And what he termed as “moving the needle” toward the things that were most important to him: family, finance, health and causes that were most vital to him.

He said he got clarity that if it didn’t fall into one of those buckets, it was a firm “no.”
When people ask him to go to lunch to hear their business idea, he says no. Even though they aren’t looking looking for an investment they do want his time.

He said he recognizes how valuable his time is to him. He even shared an eye-opening anecdote about how he loves football but determined it wasn’t worth his time anymore. He said he paused one day and calculated that if he continued to watch football at the rate he currently was and lived another 30 years he would spending 36,000 hours watching football. So he stopped. He “pulled the plug” because it wasn’t adding anything to his “life resumé.”

Life resumé?! My ears were perked. My paws were up.

What he’s saying, or what I heard, is he is choosing to live intentionally. Stop waiting for the work to be done, the house to be clean, the job to be perfect, the kids to be raised, the weight to be lost. Live NOW. While you’re working on those things – keep living. It’s in the living. I’ve spent (read: wasted) time waiting in the last year.

I wasted time because I didn’t know how to move. I was stuck. Stuck between all the negative stories I’d picked up and my own self-created fear. As they say, you can create a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell.

I was stuck in someone else’s reality of truth. It took me time to realize there are two kinds of truth. The truth (with a little t) of what is happening in the present moment. And the Truth of where you can go when you release and unburden yourself from the limiting beliefs and smallness you’ve let others put upon you. That you’ve put upon yourself.

When you see the Truth – your reality starts to change. You get to have the life you want. But it comes with responsibility.

Now you’re responsible for your experience.
There is no more room for blaming others.
If you’re having a great day it’s because you chose it.
If you’re having a terrible day, it’s because that’s all the perspective you are allowing in.

You can find all the ways that what I am saying isn’t true. And that’s ok. It’s what you believe.

You are a victim or a victor.
You are a worrier or a warrior.

It’s context.

You are the protagonist of your story but trust you are the antagonist of someone else’s.
I can’t control what happens in life but I can determine my perception.

Am I using each moment/circumstance to propel me forward or as an excuse to stay the same?

“Much like the repeating pattern of roots on the jungle floor, our daily and long-term habits and behaviors can be solidified into a matrix that eventually serves to trip us up in ways that keep us from reaching our goals or self contentment.” ~ Howie Stern

When you step outside of the story that you’ve been telling yourself, or that someone else told you and you mistakenly believed, the world opens up. It’s wide open. It’s all about which truth/Truth you choose to believe.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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