Unplugging Can Fix Everything

Last week, I got a new internet provider. It seems easy enough but this process had a few hiccups. First I had to wait until some nebulous person at the internet site location “turned on my access.” Then my internet worked great for 4 hours and then it turned off.

I had to call back in and after 45 minutes my modem was working again but shortly after I realized that my router was not. The modem and the router were still getting used to each other and weren’t sure they were going to work together.

You know, this new guy just came in and my router hadn’t had a chance to meet him, decide if he was a good dude and whether she wanted to be friends with him. Apparently, she was still pretty hurt by the breakup with her last boyfriend because she thought he was THE ONE.

After many hours, and a few swear words, I sent a last-ditch text to my brother-in-law. I say last-ditch because Andy is frequently the familial go-to for tech assistance and I hate to bother him on the weekend, especially. But we had a conversation and then I unplugged my router for the zillionth time. But the key component here is that I forgot about it.

Previously, I had unplugged it for a few minutes but thanks to my forgetfulness, the router ended up being unplugged for a few hours. Once I realized it and plugged it back in, lo and behold, it worked!!!

It wasn’t lost on me, or likely you, that we are kind of like routers and modems. We get offline, we sometimes need a chance to unplug and it can take us time to warm up to a new idea or person before we start to communicate effectively. And sometimes, if we forget about our problem for a bit, when we come back it has resolved itself.

As we head into a holiday weekend, maybe it’s time for you to evaluate the number of outlets you are plugged into. Possibly you’ll find some outlets you can disconnect from altogether. And do the people you are connected to light you up or draw all the energy?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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