Trust, Faith, and Surrender… Again

The Universe Has Your Back 52-card deck from Gabrielle Bernstein

Blogger’s Note: This is the second in a two-part series. You can read the first part, here.

On Friday, I shared with you about my rather turbulent entrance into Trust, Faith and Surrender. It hasn’t been an easy adventure nor has it been one of my voluntary choosing. But I am starting to get the inkling that it was also necessary.

Part of that thought process comes from signs I have gotten along the way. And last week was another turning point for me, when I got an email in my inbox from Gabrielle Bernstein and the subject line read: Are you trying to control something?

Well, yes, in fact I have been. Thanks for asking.

So I read her blog and then watched the accompanying video and found myself nodding along with many of her similar confessions. Our hopes for the future are not the same but our process in getting there was familiar. The pushing, the pressing, the forcing, the white-knuckling. I have done it all for days, weeks, months on end. And I am sure those tendencies will pop their prairie dog heads back up again but I am taking new roads these days, creating new neural pathways in my mind, quite literally, so that I can have a new experience.

But that only comes with giving up everything you’ve done before in order to get the promise of something new. I know, fully, what control, unyielding, inflexibility, fight and resistance have given me. It now comes down to what will bravery, surrender, trust, faith, hope, and allowing provide and am I willing to find out?

Yes, I am.  And I must choose it again every day while it’s new because these roads are just being formed and those old pathways are fast and easy to return to but I know where they lead and it’s a dead-end. I have tried it a million times just to be sure.

So I step out in my new world and I pray for the highest outcome for all and again today I jump and believe I will land on my feet.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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