Tangled in Affirmations

For the last several months I have been listening to affirmations as I go to sleep and while I sleep. Me, Louise Hay and my husband sleep like babies together.

However, in the last couple of weeks I have added in binaural beats to my affirmations, which requires listening with headphones. ( I am sure John is relieved although he’s too nice to say it). As most of you know,  ear buds are not something you want to sleep in. So I ordered some that are specifically designed for sleeping. They do sometimes come out of my ears at night but overall they are good.

My real challenge is the cord. Yes, I know I could get wireless headphones but I am turning off the wi-fi at night in order to reduce our exposure to EMF and such. I am also getting into Earthing seriously, but that’s for another day.

In the night, I often wake up laying on my iPod. Or I try to roll over and find I am strangely stuck, which is because I have turned one too many times and wrapped the cord around my body. The good news is that it’s so silly when I wake up all twisted I usually laugh and think: I am tangled in my affirmations.

I am still working on perfecting the process but sleeping with the affirmations and binaural beats is a hit. I sleep better, deeper, and I wake up feeling good. When I first wake up instead of my mind racing I often find that I lay there for a minute or two with nothing major in my head. Don’t get me wrong, the ramp up attempts to begin at around 2 minutes 59 seconds but I am getting better at redirecting that too.

I have been telling myself if I “think” the day is going to be crazy, stressful, (fill in the blank) for what you perceive your day to be. So it is. If you perceive your day to be awesome, full but good, or whatever. So it is.

Tuesday morning I woke up and started to have some stressful thoughts about my day and I thought, “Hold it, sister! This is not helping anything. I am putting stress into my body and my head and I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet.” I was laying in bed and yet my heart was starting to do the cha-cha like I was jumping rope. I chuckled to myself because:

#1 I said it out loud
#2 I looked over and my cat, Bhakti, was laying in her cat tree letting out a nice big yawn right about then. And I know she had a jam-packed day full of bird-watching, jumping, grooming, post-it poaching, and eating ahead of her and she was cool as a cucumber.

As you can see she’s really stressed out.

Ask yourself, am I having or going to have a crappy day because it’s fated or because I am thinking it and making it so? Our experience comes down to how we take it in. How we choose to see it. One person’s traffic jam is another person’s chance to catch up on their favorite podcast. You choose.

I am doing my best to change the tide and choose favorite podcast and choose to be tangled in positive affirmations. Remember everything you think is an affirmation. Are those positive or negative?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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