Inspiration Tuesday: Refuse to Worry

I believe in signs, in synchronicity, and I believe we are always being guided. It’s just a matter of whether we are flowing with life or fighting it.

I can be a fighter, frequently.

As I have mentioned, I am working my way through what could be described as an unofficial 12-step program — made up of different pieces and parts. I am essentially working toward my own form of sobriety. I am not an alcoholic nor do I have a substance abuse problem but I am coming off the addictive habits of life that we all do so frequently that it can be really tough to see them.

It’s enlightening and baffling to inspect your life.

Asking yourself why you do the things you do in an effort to find the motivation instead of  an excuse or reason to keep doing them, is an expedition.

I was listening to an older sermon on YouTube from Rick Warren and he’s addressing the Hows of Happiness and having less stress in your life. He discusses worry and he made the simplest statement that was so true and obvious that it was profound.
Worry is learned.
It’s a habit. Further, if you can learn it, you can unlearn it.

It’s actually a choice. One we’ve made so many times that we don’t even recognize it as a choice. It’s just what we do. We say things about worry and many other habits like, “I can’t help it.”

But we can.

As Rick Warren reminds us, worry can’t change the past, and it can’t control the future. It only makes today really suck.
And when you hear that you think, “Yes! That’s so true” and almost immediately return to your previously scheduled worry session.
He offers up this advice:
Refuse to worry.


Just like that he’s telling us to take charge of what is happening in our own heads. Refuse to worry.
It requires some mindfulness to refuse to worry because you have to catch yourself starting to worry to shut it down.

You have to begin babysitting your mind and, people, let me tell you — that is harder than you think but give it a go.

Getting sober in the terms of calming down, being thoughtful, quiet, steady are skills to add to your repertoire and they are likely to get you farther than worry ever has.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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