Inspiration Tuesday: Foo Fighters

Frontman Dave Grohl of US rock band The Foo Fighters headlining the Main Stage at the V Festival, Weston Park, Staffordshire.

Last week, I went to see Foo Fighters in concert with The Struts as the opening act. It was amaze-balls!
If you are not a fan, Dave Grohl is the lead singer of Foo Fighters and he’s everything you want in a Rock-n-Roll star. He’s irreverent, a little bit crazy, and best of all, unbelievably talented.

He’s arguably one of the best drummers of his time and yet he’s not even the drummer of his own band. He’s out front with a guitar and a microphone. For all the head-banging, screaming and raging he does, he can still sing amazing well. In our preparation for this concert, John and I went to FFBC. You know, Foo Fighters Boot Camp. We listened to their music all the time. We watched videos on YouTube that other concert-goers had posted and we picked our favorites that Dave just had to sing for our night to be complete.

Well, Dave and the Foos, rocked every song for 3 hours! I mean, when do you get that anymore? And The Struts, you just have to experience them. The lead singer is a mix of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Axl Rose and a dash of Neon Trees’ lead singer, Tyler Glenn.

Trust, my friends, it’s worth checking them out.

Anyway, back to the show. Dave is not what you would call PG-rated in his language but he somehow manages to use the F word and MFer regularly, repeatedly, and also make it sound like a term of endearment, which I think it actually is. He’s unapologetically raw and rough around the edges in a way that makes you think he’s just like you if you don’t notice his cool $200 million in the corner over there.

That unedited quality is refreshing in our airbrushed, filtered world. The Foo Fighters show up and do what they know how to do best. You will either love, hate it, or not care and that’s the way music and art should be. It’s either your thing or it’s not.

It was clearly our thing. I loved every single second of it even if it left my ears ringing until the next morning. I (heart) Dave Grohl Everlong.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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