Inspiration Tuesday: What Book?

I was talking to our sister, Lisa, over the weekend about books and the ones that have inspired or people say have changed their life.
It’s interesting, she’s been asking several people this question and some of the same ones come up time and again, like The Alchemist. She also had books like Big Magic, You’re a Badass, and To Kill a Mockingbird, recommended.
It got me thinking about some great books I have read and ones that are still on my “to read” list.
I’ve not read To Kill a Mockingbird, so that’s on the list and I can think about 15 others, not to mention ones that I read in my earlier years that I am sure I’d appreciate more now.
As we head into summer and are preparing for vacation or poolside reading, what are the must-reads for you?
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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