Some of us need glasses to read, drive or just see everyday life.  Some of have had glasses our whole lives while some of us have grown to need them as we have become older.

I am one of those people who turned 40 something and suddenly needed glasses to read anything within two feet of my face.  Now, early in the day I can get away with reading my phone (the large print helps) and my computer. As the day progresses I can’t read much of anything.  Paying the bills anytime of the day is difficult because those numbers…who can tell an 8 from a 6?  I have been known to get a subsequent bill owing $.02  because I thought I was a 6!   I can’t ever read a book without my glasses anymore which is a real bummer when I get in the bath only to discover I have my book, but no glasses. Sure, I could enlarge the print on my device, but it’s already pretty BIG and I have my pride.

Everyone in my life knows I need glasses to read and it’s not funny.  I can’t even go out to dinner without my hubby, daughter or a “friend” commenting on the fact that either I don’t have my glasses or inquiring whether I’d like my menu in braille.  Clearly I need new friends, not sure what to do with my family.  I have become pretty adept at navigating a menu without my glasses.  I just sit there pretending to be reading while thinking, “I can’t believe how impossible it is to read this menu.  Why did I take my glasses out of my purse and at least I know what I want to drink.”  Then when the waiter comes to take our order I ask what they recommend.  The problem is that I don’t have anything to compare it to because I DON’T KNOW WHAT ALL IS ON THE MENU. My hubby is onto me though.  He usually rolls his eyes, tells me to go to the eye doctor already and then reads the menu to me.
Actually, if you think about it, he is enabling my NOT going to the doctor so my inability to read is kind of his fault.

I did in fact go to the eye doctor last year.  He told me I needed glasses (duh) and recommended those progressive lenses.  Basically bifocals that I would have to wear ALL OF THE TIME.  Not cool.  I can drive, I can read signs, I can do everything, but read small print.  Why would I want to wear glasses 24/7?  Now, he thinks progressive lenses would be beneficial, but I think I can see just fine and it’s such a hassle to get used to progressive lenses.  Yes, I could get contacts, but first I have to get used to the glasses because apparently some people just can’t adjust to them.  He wants me to get used to wearing the glasses and then we can broach the whole contacts thing.

Here’s the thing though.  I just want to keep walking around pretending I CAN SEE and that THIS is my natural hair color.  Is that so wrong?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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