Super Moon to Super You!?

What turned out to be my pre-super moon burning. The sage and item I burned are now ashes. The incense burned hard but I figure that’s good.

Most of this year I have been a little off and the latest adventure with the full moon is no exception. I got a little too excited about it and did my whole fire ceremony, cleansing ritual on Saturday night only to realize Sunday morning that I was a day early. Then I thought, that’s OK, now I can take another go at it. Who couldn’t use some extra mojo, extra cleansing, right?

For those of you who haven’t been on Facebook or hanging out with your neighborhood Wicca, I will give you a quick update on this full moon, super moon business.

Our last full moon of the year arrived with some super power friends. One, it’s a super moon, which means that the moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth at the time of the full moon. This makes the moon appear larger and brighter.
While this morning at 3:45 am ET the moon was at its closest point to the Earth, I assume all of you were sleeping like me, it began its full moon-ness around 11 am yesterday. It also arrived with the start of Mercury going into retrograde. And even if you are not one to follow these sorts of things you’ve probably heard about it and know it’s generally not considered useful or good.

But the truth is full moons, retrogrades and the like can be positive if you want them to be.

The full moon is always a great time to release things that are no longer serving you or an opportunity to mark your transformation. Additionally, Mercury being in retrograde can make us feel like we aren’t moving forward but actually it’s a time to finish up anything that you’ve been procrastinating, not dealing with or holding onto.

The reason it’s often suggested that you don’t start anything new during retrograde is that it’s a time to slough off the past so that following retrograde you’ll have all that additional energy and power that was previously being used up by something that had long since past its prime. It’s helping you to move forward by forcing you to let go of what should no longer be part of your present and future.

OK, so now that you’re all caught up. I burned, I incensed and I prayed on Saturday night. In fact, my burning experience of something I was letting go of was powerful. Even my husband, who usually doesn’t partake in these types of events with me, joined in and commented on how the item I put in the fire burned.

Many of my yogis and friends who have done these things with me in the past have all witnessed how a group of people using the same paper, same pens can see completely different burning experiences when the paper meets the flame. One is not better than the other but the intention, the energy within what’s being burned is visible in the fire. Some will smolder and be resistant to burn, not unlike whatever the intention is and others will go up in a glorious blaze.

Now you may be thinking, G, really, the Super moon is over what do I do now?
This is true but we have more  super moons and full moons headed out way on January 1 and 31 so you have time. Plus, the Winter Solstice, December 21 is always a good time to release things you don’t want to take into the new year, new season with you.

And one final note, if you need some inspiration, check out this site. 
And remember, use your super powers for good, please only burn things you wish to release in an energetic, habit sort of way. No burning of people in effigy, no sending negative energy to others. Keep it positive, friends.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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