Abundant Love

Saturday afternoon while perusing my Facebook feed I noticed that a good friend from college posted a photo of COSI. This was curious since she lives in Pennsylvania and COSI is here in Columbus, Ohio where I live. I was compelled to send her a message to see if she was, in fact, in town. And she was. Quickly, she asked if I wanted to meet her for breakfast the next day. We set a plan and I am so glad we did.

She came whirling into the local Panera Sunday morning with love and compliments — and it’s just what I needed.
My friend, Nichola, is everyone’s biggest fan. She always finds your greatest qualities and then she tells you about them like you are the only one who possesses them and makes you feel like you are awesome … even when you feel like you are not.

She’s just the booster shot everyone needs from time to time.

We’ve known each other since we were in our very early 20s and while we don’t see each other often she does see me. We had similar upbringings and so we get each other in a way that those who have different backgrounds just don’t. I don’t often even have to complete a full thought for her to know exactly what I am trying to say or express.

I feel 100% understood and never, ever judged.

It’s a great feeling to spin around in her trajectory for a few hours. You’re pretty sure by the time you leave that you can do anything, be anything, and that you are also, by the way, Wonder Woman. She has infused you with so much confidence that you are fairly impressed with yourself when you view your life, your being, through her eyes. This, my friends, is her super power. She makes you feel like you are a good, strong, kind person — better yet, she reminds you that you are.

I am taking it all in. I am not questioning it, considering whether I think it’s true, or dismissing it. I am accepting the abundance of love she so kindly extended my way and I am thankful. These are the friends you keep, no matter the distance or time between you.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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