Inspiration Tuesday: Things Work Out

Photo credit: Cheryl Richardson I have this sign hanging up throughout my house to remind me.

In my weekly yoga classes, I have been making a real effort to provide a little nugget here and there that my yogis can take “off the mat.” Things that work for yoga but also out in their lives.

And routinely, my offerings aren’t mine at all, it’s more that I am a bridge, a sharer of information that crosses my path. I try to pay it forward. Sometimes what I pay forward I imagine the yogis would like to have a receipt so they can return it for their money back. However, last week I think I may have offered something of value and that always brightens my day.

I get a weekly email/newsletter from Cheryl Richardson. She’s a Hay House author, life coach and all-around self-help expert.
She’s got a quiet spirit and a calm demeanor, all of which I appreciate.

Her blog subject a week ago was an affirmation she received from Esther Hicks, an inspirational speaker and author:

“Things are always working out for me”

She recommends saying this three times with a big smile on your face daily,  and repeating it again whenever you think of it. (Sounds a whole lot better than the other repeating thoughts most of us have all day.)
Now, we all know at times much of this could be tough to accomplish, especially if you feel that things are NOT working out for you. But give it a try.

Richardson says if you give it a couple of weeks you’ll start to notice little synchronicities, like being able to schedule or reschedule appointments easily. Better still, she suggests, the help you need arrives at the best possible time.

You can read the full blog, here.
I shared this tidbit during class and followed up by forwarding the email to class participants the next day. I never know what will strike a chord and what doesn’t but I keep trying. But this one was a keeper.

How do I know it was of value?

First, it wasn’t mine to begin with.

Secondly, I got on Facebook yesterday and found the affirmation I shared posted by one of my fellow yoginis! Score!

It really made my whole day. I suppose you can never underestimate the power of sharing wisdom, especially when it wasn’t yours to begin with. There is power is simply being a bridge from one pool of information to another.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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