Inspiration Tuesday: Intuition

When life gets real and raw, at least for me, I get a little crazy. I get rattled. I lose my focus. I lose my way.
And then, after I have worn myself out like a problem canine on the Dog Whisperer, I start to find my center again. OK so it took a really long time and I am still not 100% on point but I am getting better.

What happens when you find your center, you find your quiet, is that you start to hear your intuition. You start to hear and feel that even in your lowest moments, maybe especially in those moments, you are being guided. You are being sent signs. You are being sent direction.

The hard part when you are scared, when you are unsure, is to trust. It’s hard to have blind faith even when you’re running blind. And truthfully, which feels safer, blind faith or blind running? Really, I hope you all know the answer.

But like I said, now that I have worn out my adrenal glands and there’s no more adrenaline to possibly secrete I have stopped. I am mostly quiet and I find that I am hearing instruction. No, I am not hearing voices. I am just getting messages.

Like, for weeks, I have had this strong feeling that I need to be in nature. And not just drop by the park for an hour. I mean, I feel it’s a necessity to be immersed in Mother Nature. I dismissed it thinking it was just my fight-or-flight instinct kicking in. But now I am realizing that is what I am being called to do. So finally I am listening and acting on that.

I have also found myself picking up a magazine and opening directly to a page that has a message that was meant for me. It’s more than coincidence.

I know this because while I have said a lot of prayers lately, one that I have repeated often, out loud, and regularly is that I need a sign of which way to go next. And because I know my brain is a little distracted these days I added the additional request: Please make the sign big and unmistakable, like with a neon arrow that reads, “This is for you, Angela.”

Thankfully, God understands his special people like me and acquiesces.

I am like Gretel out in the world following the breadcrumbs toward the next right action. We are all being guided if we can be still long enough to hear it and receive it.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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