Torture Report: Still Moving

(G): So this really sums up my life and recovery woes this week. I have no idea what I am doing. It’s taken a village, a cat whisperer, my mom, and a few friends to fish me out of the hole I have found myself in but things are looking up. Yesterday, it was gently pointed out to me that I am a control freak and that it’s time to surrender and do the unthinkable: ask for support.

Hitting the treadmill drill earlier in the week. It showed me who’s boss and it’s not me.

Yes, I know it’s shocking as I fancy myself Wonder Woman-esque. And I am realizing some good stuff in my trials and tribulations. I have really good, kind friends and family who will gladly help if I ask. Thanks to you all!

Swaggy J is still killing it on the heat training and I ride along offering support and a sarcastic comment on an as-needed basis.

At the start
Out on the trail

(L)  My torture has come in the form of moving boxes and furniture up and down my stairs daily for weeks due to our home renovations.  This week, we literally moved all of our dresser drawers out of 4 bedrooms to the basement only to turn around and bring them back upstairs the next evening.  We have moved everything more than once and some of it may never leave the basement again.

If that weren’t enough, we also moved our oldest daughter out of Boulder this weekend.  We are tired and we feel it in our legs, arms, and backs.  This alternative torture is definitely working out some muscles that haven’t been used in a while.

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The headstands had to be tabled for the week as I just didn’t have it in me to spend time upside down…on purpose.  I do have a proper tutorial to assist me when I am ready though.

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Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lori & G

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