Torture Report: Headstands Anyone?

(G): Summer is officially here and, just like you, we are having fun in the sun, vacationing and doing other warm-weather activities. In addition, neither of us are training for anything in particular so we are going to tell our Torture Report stories in more photos through the month of July.

For those of you who have been following along, my recovery and return to full-time running has been far slower than I had hoped. But while on vacation I was inspired to put my energy into other challenges. I have, in recent years, gotten away from practicing yoga inversions so since I have been back in Ohio I have been doing a headstand every day.

When I envisioned myself doing a headstand or a handstand, I thought I’d look like this:

Rebel Thriver

But instead my days of practice look more like this. As you can see some days went better than others and some day’s fashion choices could have been better thought out. But this is how it looks with no filter ūüôā

I’ve also been riding the bike a lot more while tagging along on Swaggy J’s training runs. In my effort to stay entertained, I tend to ride in the grass, in the gravel, and all other kinds of rogue activity. I thought I’d check out an offshoot of the trail the other day and encountered deep mud. I’ve really broken in Swaggy’s bike at this point.

Sad to say I actually miss training days that end with your head in the cooler because you’re so hot!

(L) When I suggested to G that we switch up the Torture Report and work on some new things it sounded great. ¬† In fact, I think I was the one who thought doing a headstand would be a fantastic way to start. ¬†In reality, it hasn’t gone quite like I expected.

How could it go wrong you ask? ¬†For starters, I apparently can no longer do a headstand of any kind, let alone a “correct” headstand. Here is the progression that I sent G:

Step 1: Me wondering why we decided to do this.
Step 2: Head down
Step 3: Epic fail
Step 4: Realizing I need a headstand tutorial

Lucky for me, G always has a link to the proper form of whatever I might be doing.  Obviously, she was holding out on me and just waiting for me to go all old school on the headstand before she educated me on the correct inversion technique.  Next week, G better watch out because now that I know what I am supposed to do surely my photos will look a little more like this:

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G




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