Thankful Thursday: Gift of Adversity


You may have noticed the constant stream of complaints I have written lately about my life. I have experienced some challenges this year. I am working through it piece by piece but I have had a bad attitude about it fairly often too.
I was talking with a client of mine yesterday and she’s experienced tremendous loss. As I listened to her talk about her healing process and how to take care of herself I realized that my string of what you could call bad luck has made me better. I am more empathetic in a way I probably wasn’t before.

Our life struggles are quite different but how these events have left us feeling are rather similar. I can hear her in a way that I couldn’t have before. This is not a misery loves company kind of experience because neither of us are in that place. She is dealing with grief but she isn’t mired in. She is instead learning to be more agile and flexible, both physically and emotionally.

I think I am, too. We all want our lives to go a certain way. We all want it to work out our way, just the way we envisioned it and if you have lived long enough you know that hardly ever happens. And that’s not all bad. We need to be able to adapt and adjust.

We need to be nimble in our time here at Earth School. Otherwise it will be filled with drudgery and lamenting on how situations didn’t go our way. But more importantly we will be so busy talking about what didn’t happen that we will miss what did happen. We will also miss the chance to learn anything.

Adversity keeps us mindful. When we are aware and engaged in the day to day we see more of life and live more of it. Not every moment will be pretty but it will be a life that is lived instead of navigated on auto-pilot.

I imagine getting through life’s hurdles much like an obstacle course and the more we are able to move side to side, back step, jump and turn quickly the better we’ll do. Also, I think, the more fun we’ll have. We’ll savor the good times and survive the bad. And when things don’t go our way we’ll accept it and figure out how to side step the issue instead of sitting down and pouting about how it didn’t go the way I wanted.

Every single person can think of at least one instance where things going against our will turned out to be a gift. There will still be kicking, screaming, and the occasional fit but at some point we gotta get back in the dirt and climb under the barbed wire so we can get on with it. Imagine at the end of the road all the places that will be filled with gold?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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