Rethink & Restart

We all have those days that after a couple of hours it becomes clear we should just scrap it. Some days we don’t need a full 24 hours to know this one is akin to the first pancake — toss it out!

I think every day last week fell into that category. By week’s end I was starting to think day drinking really wasn’t that bad of an idea. You can see the bar was set very low by Friday.

It seems possibly lots of other people have been experiencing days that require a reboot of some sort, too.


I saw this post on FB the other day from a professional runner and it made me laugh. I see folks trolling for a close spot in parking lots all the time. Don’t get me wrong, we all want a convenient parking space but I usually have to get serious with myself and say, “Ahem, Angela you are a distance runner, park the car already!”

Possibly a few other folks need that friendly little reminder because while at Highbanks on Sunday, Swaggy and I witnessed some, shall we say, “questionable” behavior. The day started off cool but by noon it was shaping up to be a beautiful day and as you can imagine that brings throngs of people to the park. That is awesome in my book.

Folks were losing their minds and their shoes on Sunday!

What is less awesome is that I am starting to think that the park may need to come with some basic rules of conduct that seem obvious but possibly are not. For example, when there are lots of people at the park, the parking lots fill fast. That doesn’t turn this venue into the Wild West and mean that anywhere I park my car automatically becomes a parking space. Just because you leave your car in the unofficial front yard of the park doesn’t mean you are doing so legally. It just makes you look like you don’t understand how to properly use a parking lot. And, frankly, that you don’t have much respect for the park itself. Just like I tell my cat the world is not his litter box, the world is not your parking lot.


What is also not so great is when you troll the lot for a close spot. Ostensibly, you have arrived at this outdoor experience for what I can only assume is to be in nature and at the very least walk. So what are you trying so hard to park close to exactly? You drive around and around and harass people like me who are using their car as an unofficial aid station. Every time I come back to my car someone is waiting and frustrated that I am not leaving and then they drive around and around in a parking lot that already has a sign at its entrance that says “LOT FULL.”

I know we’re all stuck in this fresh hell of “fake news” and all but I don’t think the metro park has that much of a sense of humor.

I can only imagine that these people were having a Sunday that was not unlike my entire week leading up to this. They were having a first pancake day and really needed to go home, restart and rethink the whole thing. Really, no judgment here. It happens to the best of us.

Sometimes all we can do is hit restart and see how it shakes out from there.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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