Real Connection

We are all connected. We are all part of each other. “We are all just walking each other home,” as Ram Dass said.


But we forget this.

We put a fair amount of importance on the big picture and it’s easy to use this to start generalizing when we zoom too far out. We begin to view people by “which group” they belong to instead of who they are individually.

Each of us is diverse. We change and change our minds all the time. But we forget this truth. This weekend I was reminded.

I had dinner planned with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and I almost felt too tired to go. But I went and we talked and talked about everything and nothing for hours. At the end of the evening I drove home still feeling tired but at ease. I realized our conversation stayed strictly within the confines of our personal lives. This had happened organically. Our thoughts and perceptions of each other were from one-to-one interaction. Nothing else.

Saturday I met with some of the yoga students who attend the studio where I teach. We talked about yoga, classes, and other events that are happening in our lives. When I left I realized I was smiling and almost laughing to myself.

That lightness carried me into my acupuncture appointment. I always look forward to going because my acupuncturist is joy, healing, and kindness personified. When in her presence, I can’t help but feel cared for.
She greets every one of her patients with a smile and genuine affection.
Even before she placed a single needle, I already felt relaxed.

Not long after, I ran into a friend at the grocery. She’s going through a challenging time with an elderly parent. We talked for some time and as we said goodbye with a hug she thanked me for the conversation.

I started thinking about this string of events and realized I was getting down to the basics, the grassroots of the human experience:
One-to-one connection
I was in the sweet spot of life for the day having real experiences with real people in real time.

All the things that we let separate us like ideology, politics, and religion were transcended and we were just people talking and caring about each other. Nothing more. Nothing more is needed.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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