Lost & Found

(G) “You know where everything is,” my husband said to me on Saturday.
I actually don’t but when you live with someone who routinely loses things you tend to pay attention to the frequently lost items.
These items often include:
Cell phone
TV remotes
Miscellaneous other items
What’s mildly entertaining is that the frequently lost items are almost always found in the same place, time and again.
His cell phone is either on the treadmill or stationary bike.
His wallet is often found in the pants he wore last.
The TV remotes are always found between the sofa cushions.
The library aka the sofa. Isn’t that where you keep your books?

A few days ago my husband asked me where the Bruce Springsteen autobiography was he was reading. That, too, was found in a favorite go-to behind a sofa cushion, much like where empty Diet Pepsi bottles are found.
So I had to laugh when he told me I know where everything is on Saturday when I told him where to find the garden hose.
Truth is I’m not that put together it’s that he’s predictable.
The items he loses are always near the location he last used them.

I was sharing this with Lowi and it seems she had a similar experience.
(L)  While I do have 24 years of experience looking for ‘lost” items and, yes, I would consider myself a Master, yesterday I was stumped.  My hubby, too, had lost something only it wasn’t the typical wallet, keys or his mind…I mean, sunglasses.  This time it was the headlamp.  MY HEADLAMP, to be more specific.  Sometime over the last 18 months MY HEADLAMP was stolen by my hubby for purposes other than running.  He uses it for anything that requires him to be outside after dark.  Specifically, he uses it to put chemicals in the hot tub and apparently he does this A LOT after dark.  So, for the last year and a half MY HEADLAMP has been in a kitchen drawer with the hot tub testing equipment.  It’s an obvious location.
Today, my hubby was running around the kitchen frantically with a step ladder and a small light bulb.  He was slamming drawers and cabinets, which of course, drew my attention.  He was frustrated because he couldn’t find the headlamp that he keeps in HIS drawer and he needed it to change some tiny light bulb in the basement.  Yep, MY HEADLAMP.  I started looking in all of the usual places…other drawers.  I will admit I had a vague recollection of seeing it somewhere recently, but I couldn’t figure out where.  I chalked it up to him absentmindedly leaving it somewhere else and he retreated to the basement.
Twenty minutes later, my hubby came upstairs to inform me that I had taken the headlamp to the Nashville Ultra and therefore I was the last one to have had it.
Hmmm. How dare I take MY HEADLAMP to potentially use at a running race in which it was intended to be used.  This piece of new information, however, did lead me to remember where I had seen it last.  It was in my closet front in center on a shelf.  I probably only see it about 5 times per day.
You will all be relieved to know that MY HEADLAMP is now safely back in the kitchen drawer with the hot tub supplies.  Please help me remember in case it ever goes missing again.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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