Life Lesson: Last Hurrah!

I am a little confused because I feel like I lost a chunk of time somewhere along the way.  I am almost certain that I just dropped my oldest off in Boulder for her first semester of college and yet I just watched her drive off for her very last semester at CU.
First day of classes 2013
Sure, I remember a lot of the highlights; the unpacking of the dorm room, the moving in to an apartment, moving out and moving in…again.  There were roommates that came and went, late night calls, SOS calls, care packages, and emergency trips to Boulder to bring insulin.  There were football games and tailgates and I vaguely remember a 21st birthday thrown in there.
However, the young woman who drove away in her early graduation present today was not the same girl we dropped off 4 years ago.  The girl who waved back at me was a confident, strong, self-aware young woman.  She had a smile on her face, a definitive plan, and the excitement for what lies ahead was palpable.
2017 promises to be her biggest year yet with graduation, moving out of Boulder, applying to PA school and finding out where she will land next.  I say it every year, but I believe this year really is HER YEAR!
So, what words of wisdom did I pass on to my beautiful daughter as I hugged her goodbye?  Just that I loved her and to drive safe.
Hey, a mom can only do so much some days.  Then I promptly shut the garage door, cried, and texted my hubby this:
ME:  Alex just left for her last semester….how did we get here?  I waited until she left before I cried. I thought I had this whole transition thing figured out.  Don’t call me.  I have to go get the youngest and then I will be doing geometry and drinking…
Hubby replied something really sweet and nice which just made me cry more.  UGH!  
ME:  I blame you!  You had to go and spoil these girls and make them think it was okay to chase their dreams.  What kind of father encourages this kind of behavior?  Stifling dreams is where it’s at!
Anyway,  I wasn’t crying because I was really that sad, but because I am so happy for her and no matter how hard I try these transitions are HARD!
Alex, here is what I wanted to say, but decided not to, as to spare you the humiliation of my crying in the driveway…again:
S L O W   D O W N.…and enjoy this semester.  Take a deep breath and exhale.  Be PRESENT and breathe in the beauty of everything around you: the Flatirons, those beautiful stone buildings, that incredible stadium that sits right on campus, Pearl Street, your roommates, your dear friends, your community of friends at NAVS.
Stay the course and study hard, but say YES more.  Go out.  Laugh a lot.  Share more bottles of wine and watch that trashy television show you love.  Go to concerts and go dancing on Thursday nights.  Enjoy your group grocery shopping and keep learning to cook.
ENJOY sharing the bathroom and scheduling a shower because you are going to miss it.  Okay, it’s going to be a LONG time before you miss sharing a bathroom, but one day you will.  Enjoy your roommates because they have been your best friends all these years and they will always hold a special spot in your heart.  Not to mention they know EVERYTHING about you so be nice.  You can always have them sign a non-disclosure form though if needed.
Be kind, patient, grateful, and when in doubt, always choose joy!
THEY say these are the best years of your life SO ENJOY.
I say, these are the best years of your life…SO FAR.
I promise the best is yet to come.  Enjoy.
Love, Mom
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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