Thankful Thursday: It’s Good to Have a Wife!

OK before you get crazy, this is not a click-bait story.
It really is good to have a wife even if most of the time he’s really your husband.

A couple of nights ago I was eating dinner and my husband asks me if we need a new dishwasher. I immediately respond, yes, because ours has been doing a lackluster job for a while now.

Since my husband works at Lowe’s in the appliances department he’s likely a bit more focused on appliances than the average man who isn’t a chef or something. He then started telling me about a dishwasher that was marked down and with his employee discount he could get a pretty good deal.

I thought, this is great. I am getting a new dishwasher and all I had to do was answer a question and eat dinner. Cool!!

Then Tuesday morning, I get a text with a photo from my “wife” and he asks what I think about this new oven.


What? Is he serious?

It looks really nice from the photo so I ask, are we getting a new dishwasher AND oven?

I got the most magical response: If I can get a good deal, yes. But definitely a dishwasher.

The dishwasher has arrived. Well, not so much arrived as my wife brought it home and then we lugged it into the house.

Can you hear the angels sing? Do you see the unicorns jumping over rainbows, too? All this and so far I’ve not set foot in the store. I do plan to actually go check out the oven in person if it works out but still.

Before you get too jealous about my husband who is sometimes my wife, he does still leave his clothes on the floor, can’t find the hamper, and thinks fairies deliver new soap, shampoo and food into our house at opportune moments when we run low.

But for now I will sing my wife’s praises and hope that I get a new dishwasher and oven.

Wow, I got old somewhere along the way that both of these purchases are exciting to me. Hang on, I won’t go down that road of despair. I will just hangout with the unicorns and sing with the angels.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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