Return, Recommit and Release. It’s 2017!

We’re back!!
I’d love to say we’re well-rested, down 10 pounds, and well on our way to an awesome new year but much like you, possibly, we’re up 10 pounds, exhausted, and have both battled the seasonal winter cold.
We do, however, have a brand new website!

It’s a little more streamlined, user-friendly and at risk of sounding girly … it’s pretty!
We hope you like it and if you don’t, well, please just read the blog and try not to look too closely at the design elements you dislike. There’s always a chance that by next December we’ll do another makeover and you’ll like that one better.

Most everyone it seems is happy to usher in 2017. Maybe an odd number will serve us better than the even did.

With all that adversity comes learning, adaptation and eventually hope for a new day, or in this case, a new year.
And it’s here. Whatever will you do with it?
What will you commit to this year to be better, feel better, live better?

Or maybe it’s a matter of recommitting. I think a big part of my plan is getting back to the things that fell off the radar last year. As 2016 was coming to a close I went to check in to see how many miles I put in this year.
I knew that I hadn’t been documenting in my log the last several weeks but I keep a running log so I was good.
But where was my online tracker for 2016?

I looked, searched and scoured the ether for my log and then I had a bleak realization… I never started one. What? Could that be true?

Actually it is. When I reflect on 2016 especially in January it was a chaotic 365. At the same time it felt a bit like blacking out. There are periods of time that I can barely recall. It was a combined state of exhaustion, grief and shock, day after day.
I didn’t even run a single step until early February.
No wonder I never thought to set up a system to record all those non-running miles. I feel this year is bound to be different and I am making plans on that promise.

This year, I pray for focus and the ability to recall most of the year without some sort of regression therapy.
I hope for my family: calm, serenity and the surrender of worry.

This year will also bring release.

Lowi and I spent the entire grueling year working on a project in the background and we hope it sees the light of day in 2017.
Along with the release of our project, we hope for the release of fear, obstacles, and the restoration of sanity, clarity and most especially hilarity.
All told, we are back.

And we pray to the literary luminaries — better than ever.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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