Torture Report: Power Up…Maybe & 40 Days

Out on a run Friday, it was the last hurrah for summer-like days and beautiful fall colors.


(G): I am officially on the wind down for the year as far as miles go. But I am cranking up the dial on all things strength related. During the running season, my strength training while present is not my focus. I also tend not to go super-heavy because I always have a run the next day. You really can’t serve two masters. During the on season, running is my master.
But during this quasi off-season, power and strength are leading the way. How else will I have the engine to power up steep climbs and weather long, steep descents? I got my lesson loud and clear a couple weeks ago that I need to be stronger. I need to have more power.
Sadly, this week I had trouble locating my motivation and any kind of energy. I knew I needed to get started but I was resistant. I felt entitled to lay around for another week because I am taking a “break.” I had to remind myself I was just taking a break from a formal running training schedule. My goal is not to arrive at January 1 with extra pounds unless they are in the form of dumbbells.
Like I said, the remainder of 2016 is dedicated to strength and I am serious. OK, I am trying to be serious. I am putting in the time but there is also quite a lot of whining that goes on.
I am doing all the things I loathe:
Pull ups (more like attempts)
Air squats
Jump squats
Step ups
BOSU balance
1 leg deadlift on a BOSU
The list goes on…
Most of these exercises show me my weak points in glaring ways but it’s the only way to get better, stronger, faster. Wow, that sounds like something a badass would say. That made me giggle a little since I am not much of one.
I am giving the next 40 days to building strength, building power, and maybe a little confidence. I will still run but I am keeping the mileage low. I have made big plans for the 2017 race season and even a couple other semi-intimidating promises to myself so I better rest up my focus and courage muscles because I am going to need them.
Here’s to getting buff! LOL 🙂
(L)  As I read through G’s post I was initially focusing on the wind down and thinking that I have felt like I have been in a perpetual state of tapering so why bother now?  Sometimes, we have a tendency to get to the end of November and think about throwing in the towel until the New Year.  I mean, let’s face it, there are parties, festive meals, drinks, cookies and more.  Then I saw G’s last paragraph and read that we still have 40 days until the New Year.
40 DAYS!
What could I do in 40 days if I put my mind to it?  Where could I be on January 1st if I didn’t throw in the towel?  Let’s face it, I put my mind to 31.2 miles two weeks ago and I did it.  Sure, I could have done it with greater ease and in less time if I had been more prepared, but I was determined to do it and I did.  So, what do I want to do in 40 days?
Just start training.  
I have been walking/running 3-6 miles most days of the week and I will continue to do that.
I am also going to begin a strength program.  I have some ideas of what I want that to look like and I am beginning TODAY!
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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