Torture Report: Ready-ish

(G): As I mentioned last week, it’s getting to that time of the season where my focus is waning, my motivation is taking a downturn, and I am ready to reduce the mileage for the year.
Now don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to the race on Saturday but race day is so much easier than training days! There is adrenaline, consistent snacking, good company… All these things make the race day mileage so much more enjoyable.

This week I was hanging onto my usual schedule by a thread. I started out well with my weekly hill climbing on Tuesday but quickly into Wednesday I was off schedule.
I had a very full day and opted to take the day off thinking I’d make it up on Friday. I did do that but then Saturday rolled around and it was a nonstarter.


I got up early, started working on some projects, like planting daffodils, and before long the day was over and I was watching football and snacking on granola. I felt bad about it just not bad enough to get moving.

Then Sunday I got up early, again, and before I could find a way to blow it I got my miles in. I managed to do 8 miles although most of it was walking. Oh well… See what I mean, it’s a real crisis of motivation?!?!


Yesterday, I accomplished big things like not eating the Halloween candy, jumping on the trampoline, and doing some basic strength training.

Here’s hoping that today goes better … Or I may just show up race day really well-rested.

See you in Nashville, Lowi!

(L) First of all I want to say that G is the “ready” part of this title and I am the “-ish.”
Last week, I told you I was going out to do my 15 miles and I did it!  Let me start at the beginning though.  Everyone knew I was planning for my one and only long training run, including my hubby.  That morning he proceeded to tell me a story about a coworker’s wife who had run a marathon and ended up in the ICU for a month with some rare condition that almost caused her to have a stroke. Terrible story.  So relieved she is home and healthy.  Thank you for that little nugget of information,  honey.  I will tuck that away in my “I didn’t ever need to know that” pocket.
He then very cautiously asked me if I thought it was smart to do 15 miles by myself.  My answer was obviously yes and let’s be clear,  I knew it wasn’t going to be the most amazing training run, but I also knew I could do it.  I also know he was only looking out for my best interest.  I needed that run though for my mental game.
I started off doing 4 miles with my dogs because they know the signs that I am going out for a run.  When I put my running shoes on they start to get a little hyper, but when the headphones come out they go full on CRAZY!  There is no turning back at that point.  They must go.  As if 15 miles wasn’t daunting enough I did a very slow 4 miles with the  pups.
img_2895 img_2894
After that I headed to the trail.  It was a beautiful day and I had my music and a few great friends who called and texted to cheer me on.  Thank you Melissa, Gina and G for the words of encouragement! There were some awesome miles that made me feel like I could actually do the 50K and there were some miles that made me wonder if I should check myself into a mental hospital for even considering it, but I did it!
I probably should go and be G and Swaggy J’s crew for the day, but where is the fun in that? I don’t want to miss out on a solid day of catching up on the trail.  So, I am going to pick up my race packet, load my drop bags full of sustenance, and go as far as I feel like going.  Barring illness or injury I know I can make the half-way mark.
So, G and Swaggy J I will see you in Nashville Friday night for a little pre-race dinner.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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