Thankful Thursday: When You Are Able

This week, I found myself lamenting about “all the stuff I had to do” and “Oh, I still have to run today.” I was complaining, essentially, about all the tasks that I had on my plate. Before long I was feeling overburdened by day-to-day life.
Then I had the mini epiphany: But you are able.
It’s hard to keep the complaining up after that. What a reminder for perspective when you realize and know that all the things you want, need, or are required to do are in your capacity. Not everyone can say that. Not even everyone that I know, personally, can say that.
Short of jumping out of an airplane due to a phobia can I think of anything in my life I cannot do. Now some of those things on the list might take preparation or training but are still possible.
That is a blessing and, in essence, freedom.
I have tried this week to remind myself when I got stressed out, worried I wouldn’t get it all done, or even thought I couldn’t finish a workout that I am, in fact, ABLE.
It has turned out to be quite the silencer of whining. Trust me, I can whine.
I have been thinking back on some of the fun adventures I’ve been able to participate in this year and I am thankful that I was able. Not only that I had the time and resources but also that I was physically capable.
We all have things that are out of reach or not possible. Today, take a moment to relish in all that is within your grasp; of all that you are able.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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