Life Lesson: All is Right

I told you last week that it was homecoming. What I didn’t tell you was that my middle daughter, Sydney, was flying home for a visit and my oldest was driving down from Boulder. We kept it a secret, no thanks to me as I almost blew it on a daily basis! The girls wanted to surprise Reese and be home for her first homecoming and to help her get ready. After all, she has watched them prepare for many dances over the years and now it was finally her moment to shine.

So, last Thursday I picked my middle one up from the airport and we drove to the high school to surprise Reese. I had her called to the office so I could give her “something” and then she saw Sydney out of the corner of her eye. It was priceless and totally worth the wait.

img_2802 img_2791

Alex drove home on Friday afternoon and was happy to be reunited with her sisters. Sydney had not seen Andy or Alex since Christmas so it was a long overdue homecoming.
We made dinner and had a little dance party in the kitchen before heading out to the football game. Even Andy got in on the action. He loves all the new dance moves the girls teach him. No judgment, it’s what we do.

img_2855 img_2809

Saturday brought back a lot of memories as the girls easily slipped right back into their old habits as sisters. There was yelling, laughing, tears, music, singing, more dancing, and the swapping of clothes. It ended with photos and the girls being the homecoming uber drivers. It was definitely better than having your parents drive you and your date to the dance.


On Sunday morning Alex had to leave to get back to school. While Sydney was in town for two more days, our family homecoming had come to an end.


Reese had the BEST weekend and the rest of us? Well, we had the best weekend and for two whole days…all was definitely right in the world.

Actually, when I really think about it, most days all is right in the world if I am looking though the right lens.  The lens that everything actually is right with the world.  Give it a try and see what happens.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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