Thankful Thursday: Being Open-Hearted

Lowi and I often tell you about our fur friends. They are members of our family. It’s possible that they have all hit the jackpot of adoptive owners.
We spoil them with late night treats, puppy sweaters, and cater to their every need and whim.


Like over the weekend, I was on the phone talking to Lowi and she was in her car. She arrived home during our conversation and was sitting in her car continuing to talk. Before long, Stevie Nicks, was whimpering at the door to be let out into the garage to join her mama. She wasn’t satisfied until she was sitting in the car next to her.


But she’s not the only one who indulges her animals. My husband, John, has recently been been using a heating pad on his bum ankle. But Parsley, our cat, is so attracted to the warmth that before long she’s encompassing the entire heat source and John is left with a cold ankle joint.

But would we have it any other way?

I think not.

Rescuing animals like Stevie and Parsley and the rest of our bunch means opening your heart and committing to their care. These animals have had rough times and they needed patience, compassion and love to recover their health and their hope. To give those things requires us to be open-hearted.

It really is a fair question when those who adopt animals are asked “who rescued whom?”

We certainly rescue animals from a life on the street, in a shelter or worse but they rescue us from being jaded, hardened and closed off to love.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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