Torture Report: A Cold Restart & A Small Victory


When one of you is healing an injury and the other healing a cold you gotta stick with the veggies.

(G): The week of rest has come and gone but this cold I have is hanging on. I am definitely better but it doesn’t quite want to let me out of its clutches. Around Thursday, I got back to rebounding because I thought it would be good to get the lymphatic system moving and get the blood flowing.
I continued with this all week even though 30 minutes felt much harder than normal.

Saturday rolled around and I just felt tired. I went to acupuncture and zenned out for an hour while the needles did their magic and then finally got around to a workout.
I wasn’t really into it so I decided to walk. Even walking felt like work but I pushed through 6 miles. I figured if I could get to the end, the next day it would be better.
I rebounded for 30 minutes and by 3 p.m. I could’ve taken a nap. Not the recovery rebound I was expecting.
Sunday, I felt more energized and went out early for a 6-mile run in the grass. Our next race is almost entirely a grass course so that’s where I’m focusing my efforts terrain-wise.
The mileage felt like I hadn’t run in a week but you just have to knock the rust off, as Swaggy likes to say.
Yesterday, I woke up feeling better so I am moving in the right direction.

I hit the weights for the first time in about 12 days and it showed. I am hoping if I just continue to eat well, rest and exercise I will keep pushing this cold far away but in the meantime it’s here to remind that I’m not in charge — what else is new.
Whether Mr. Cold likes it or not training is back on. I have 25 days until my next event so this is not the month to be sick, lazy or otherwise.

As you can see Swaggy started out the week looking a little rough but quickly making a recovery.
As of yesterday he looks almost back to 100%.

Thanks to all of you who followed up to check on Swaggy J after his unfortunate race injury. His ankle is healing well. In fact, it was really good until Sunday when he had a little mishap with a palette at work. He tweaked the ankle a bit and so it’s regained some swelling but overall it’s improving.

On the road to recovery for the both of us. See you next week, hopefully, sans cold.

(L)  Yes!  It would appear from the above stats that I may have actually run more miles than G this week. Take note, folks, it may never happen again.  Okay, so she had a cold and was recovering from an ultra, I am not too proud to relish in my victory.  And yes, I realize this little mini victory is only in my head.


So, I managed to make it to the trail a couple of times last week and get some miles in.  I always prefer going to the trail because even though I don’t mind the pavement, my back hasn’t been too happy lately.  I also continued to work on my strength training.  Of course, it has been a little hit and miss with the upper body since my shoulder doesn’t like certain exercises, which leads me to my big adventure at the orthopedic surgeon’s office.  Since my entire family has been to see him and my middle daughter spent most of her thirteenth year under his care, it was like a family reunion.  At one point, I thought I might have to remind him that I was actually there to see him professionally and not just to visit.  After much manipulation to my shoulder he decided that he would wait on an MRI and make a judgment call that I have a tear in my rotator cuff.  While I do have pain and some limited mobility he is hopeful that the GIANT steroid shot combined with some physical therapy will begin to alleviate my symptoms.  I may need another shot to really get ahead of the pain, but I need to give it two weeks.

Showing off my bandaid after my steroid shot.
Some of my physical therapy exercises

So, I started my exercises and let me tell you that rubber band is no joke when you are isolating a certain area.  In fact, I am going to see if I can fashion that rubber band around my backside to see what kind of results I get there!

This weekend I also ran into a friend who is training for a half marathon.  After much discussion we realized we are both on the molasses side of running times so we are going to get together to train later this week.

Until next week.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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