Life Lesson: When Your Sarcasm Is Returned


Oh these little humans that my sisters are raising! As has been widely established Lowi and I, well most of our family, is well-versed in sarcasm. So it would only seem understandable that our youngest generation has been in this language immersion program since the womb. I enjoy their witty banter. I enjoy their sassy retorts.

But earlier this week, I got a full dose of it from Lowi’s middle daughter, Sydney. It was a battle of the fittest and I am not sure who won the first round but I am in it to win the war. And, frankly, why shouldn’t I be the victor? I have been at this far longer than her.

I am not sure she has any idea who she is dealing with. I have a black belt in sarcasm. I am the Grand Poobah of my local Irony Chapter. I am a ninja wordsmith. You get the idea.

But in a weird way, I was proud of this one. I mean she is still a cub scout in the world of sarcasm but she has potential. She’s been watching some of the best at work for nearly two decades.

Here’s a random sampling of our show of love through the language of sarcasm.

Hey you sent a package right?
I still haven’t gotten it… That’s weird
Jk I got it!
You are a brat.. you know that. You’re making me go look up tracking numbers and you know I don’t like numbers
Lol, thank you so so so much!!! I love it!!!
Whatever… I am done with you today. Maybe tomorrow I will like you again. We’ll see.
Lol nooooo!!!!
I will just turn my attention to one of your sisters instead. I have other nieces you know…
What!? No but I’m your favorite!
Things change
You’ll have to call another aunt ..
Maybe you should be nicer to me. 🙀

I’m sorry… I will do my best
I would suggest you do, young lady. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an Aunt G.

When our dear Sydney was a wee toddler I wasn’t sure she had it in her. But this week I was happy to see that some of the important familial traditions will continue like impressive verbal sparring.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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