Thankful Thursday: 500 Posts!

I love when something amazing happens and I wasn’t thinking about it, looking for it, or expecting it.  That is exactly what happened on Monday when I logged in to write our blog. There was a note from WordPress that said we had just posted 500 blogs! I immediately did a screen shot and sent it to G.
500 POSTS!! 
When we started this journey 3 years ago I knew we had a lot to say, but this seems ludicrous even for us.  What I find even more remarkable is that every week we text one another to see if we have anything to write about and the answer is usually something along the lines of, “I have something rolling around in my head. I will see if I can get it out.” Thankfully between the two of us we always find something.
Most of you would be surprised to know that while G and I write this blog together, we often go more than a week without talking to each other except for the random text message to inform one another that a blog has been written or needs to be written.  In the beginning G used to call or text when she was ready for bed if nothing was uploaded from my end, but she quickly realized I write a lot at night and it would be there the next morning.  Thank you G for the early morning edits!
Recently, G had to save my butt as I actually had a blog written, but not uploaded to WordPress.  Due to an internet outage I could not retrieve it.  I had to call her to have her log in to Evernote which is where I do most of my writing.  The problem came when I could not remember my login information as it was saved on my laptop.  Clearly this was not the first time she had hacked into one of my accounts as she figured out my login before I did!  Obviously, I changed my bank account login immediately!
Another interesting tidbit is how many comments we get about the fact that we sign all of our blogs Lowi & G.  A lot of our readers cannot tell which one of us is writing unless we refer to children or cats and they don’t like that.  Right now, some of you are thinking that you ALWAYS know who is writing.  Well, on more than one occasion our own mother has been confused and if that doesn’t do it for you sometimes when we read old posts we aren’t even sure who wrote it.
All of this to say thank you for reading and joining in the conversation.  We are truly grateful that you let us share our stories with you day after day and that you keep coming back!
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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