Thankful Thursday: Seeing the Best in People


Last week, Lowi said what most of us are feeling in regard to the Olympics. We get the fever, we get excited, we get carried away by the competition, the emotion, and all the pomp and circumstance. This week really is no different.
But Tuesday, I saw what might be one of the greater moments of sport, not just the Olympics. We’ve seen it before and it will no doubt happen again. The moment when faced with the choice, you see athletes put humanity above competition and it’s beautiful.

In the 5000 meter race, a New Zealand woman (watch the video in the link) fell and inadvertently brought down an American runner with her. They both were clearly injured and the American helped up the Kiwi and they began to run. Then the American faltered with an apparent knee injury and her fellow runner offered her support this time.
At the end, they embraced and were all smiles.


It was amazing to see and I watched the video a few times. I thought how wonderful it was and I also questioned if I would be that gracious when someone else’s mistake not only cost me a chance at a medal but certainly caused an injury. Would I be that forgiving?
Similarly, if I took a tumble in competition and I was an Olympian (I know, it’s a big mental stretch) would I stop and look back for my fellow competitor to make sure she was OK? Would I help her up and assist her to continue on? Would you?
I’d like to think I would. But these athletes sacrifice everything for this one moment in time. Would I give it up to be a better human than athlete?
It’s a big question and thankfully I’ll never be in that situation but it was truly inspiring to see, seemingly without thought but sheer heart reaction, both of these women showed their best when the other choice would have been just as widely accepted.

In any large event such as the Olympics you see greatness. You see thrill of victory. And also agony of defeat.
The 2016 games this week has featured the best of humanity and for that I am grateful.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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