Thankful Thursday: Olympic Fever

Yep, I have it.  I knew it was coming on early last week and then it hit. Olympic fever.  I can’t help it.  From the moment I hear the music until the last flicker of the flame is extinguished I am overcome with the fever.
Last Friday, we joyfully sat around the television and watched the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics. It is something we eagerly await every two years.  We are equally in love with the summer and winter games and for those two weeks every other year we are glued to each televised event. We are enthralled by the spirit, athleticism and stories of overcoming all odds to make it to the Olympic stage.  Each athlete is an inspiration to us all.
These games have been under way for less than a week and already we have been awed by gymnasts, swimmers, divers, volleyball players, rowers and many more.  I love when olympic and world records are crushed even when it was expected.  I love when a swimmer emerges from the water to find out she just won a bronze medal when she expected nothing.  I love when someone wins silver and celebrates more than the person who just won gold.  And when an athlete is overcome by the emotion of years of hard work on that podium?  Priceless.  I love it because I get a glimpse of their heart and soul and in that moment you know that they gave it everything they had.
So, thank you to all the athletes for entertaining me, inspiring me and filling my emotional bank account this week.  You do the heart and soul good!
Air intake_171227
Michael Phelps PC:
If you need me during the remainder of these games I will be hunkered down watching with bated breath as Simone Biles navigates the beam.  I will be cheering as I watch Allyson Felix sprint across the finish line knowing what it took for her to be at these games. And I will be passing and hitting right along side Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross as they fight their way to gold in beach volleyball.
Final Five PC:
After the games I may need a few days to recover from my fever so please give me some space. I might be contemplating which future sport I want to train for in 2020.  Shuffleboard anyone?
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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