Life Lesson: Facebook Made Me Socially Awkward


I’ve heard it be said that GPS and navigation systems have made us directionally inept. I’m not sure that’s incorrect. But what I am sure of after my own bizarre antics this week is that Facebook has made me socially awkward. This is not to imply that I previously was skilled at my social interactions or that I was a fantastically social butterfly but now I need an intervention.

In the last few years I noticed that there are things about Facebook that make my brain wonky. Like now I know nearly every woman’s maiden name. Not a big deal other than sometimes I can’t recall what their name is now or I think their last name is hyphenated when it’s not.

These are minor little hiccups. This week though I took it to a new level.

I was heading into the grocery store and I saw a woman that I “knew.” I started to say hello and wave to her. Then about the same time I realized that I don’t know her I merely recognized her from Facebook. She is my friend’s mom so while I have seen photos of her on Facebook we’ve never met. EVER. Knowing and recognizing are not the same things, clearly.

I would recognize Bradley Cooper anywhere. I would recognize Channing Tatum if I saw him at the post office. But I wouldn’t wave to them like I knew them. OK I might wildly gesture toward them and have some sort of fit but …

Anyway, upon catching my mistake, I looked like I was having some sort of “episode” when I tried to reel in my wave and hello midstream.

If it weren’t for Facebook “virtually” introducing me to people I wouldn’t have made such a social faux pas. OK I may still make some of these mistakes with or without Facebook but this social medium is making it easier and more ubiquitous in my  life. I went through junior high, isn’t that enough?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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