Torture Report: Hot, Humid and Hellish

(G): Once you start talking about heat index … all hell breaks…

Really, I can stop at “hell.” It conjures all the proper images:
The damned
That’s how the week in the high 90s went along with a lot of sweating.

All love to Foo Fighters and their angry tunes. Thanks Dave Grohl!
On Wednesday, I headed outside for heat training and I got it. I started my run around 1 p.m. And the temperature was climbing over 90 by the time I finished. I only did six miles but it was a force of will to complete. When you’re usually feeling good about almost being done I was struggling. I had to make a stop under a tree for shade to find some angry music on my iPod to finish out the last 1.5 miles. Times like these call for Foo Fighters. I pushed on to the end and I was crushed. I won’t say I won but it was a solid tie between me and the heat. Even after I returned home it was quite a while before I stopped sweating.

I wrapped the day with some hard-core strength training and put my tired butt to bed early.

Thursday morning when I knew it was time to push the pace and get my speed training in, I was tired and lacking in motivation. The first couple of miles were rough. And then it got worse. The sweat was pouring. The pain was continuing and before I was done, I was talking to myself. Nothing like a sad pep talk from a sweating, slow runner trying to be a slightly faster runner.

The bliss or delirium of being done!
Heating up
Saturday, I got a little pre-run leg work in at yoga. Then Swaggy J went to the park with me and it was already well into the 90s and the heat index creeping into the 100s. The first four miles out on the grassy trail with no shade was brutal. I was really wondering if I was going to make it to five miles much less 10.
But at 4.5 miles we made it back to the car, got some extra ice for our bandanas, poured some water on our heads and I was renewed.
We continued on and were blessed with shade for the next few miles.
Around mile 8 we did another water stop and head-soaking and we were off.
Thankfully, while there were more hills ahead, the shade continued. The temperatures, though, continued to rise. I had to run around the parking lot to hit the 10-mile mark on my GPS. Yes, I did feel ridiculous but everyone around me was playing Pokémon Go so they didn’t notice.

The end is near
Over it
Sunday morning, I was greeted with an even hotter day. Eight miles on the Heritage Trail, little shade and H-O-T!
Yet another steamy training run with my running buddy, Swaggy J, and about halfway through we were struggling, again. We stopped by car and much like the day before, ice and water go a long way. We made it to our mileage goal and were glad to be done.
I was hoping the heat wave was going to break soon but it looks like it might break me first. Guess it’s another week in H-E-double hockey sticks.

(L)  I vow that once during this training schedule leading up to Nashville I WILL OUT-TRAIN G!  It may be during one of her tapers, but it is going to happen.  I mean how am I supposed to write anything to follow her 18-mile weekend in HELL?

I am still in Florida so if I actually ran 18 miles this past weekend I could have been bragging, but I didn’t even come close.  We are now in Key West with the in-laws, Mimi and Dale, and they have been very gracious and encouraging about my training.  In fact, they have asked about my running and not so subtly counted the  number of days I have actually trained.

The hubby and I started off our first morning in Key West with a 3-mile run.  It was HOT, HUMID, SUNNY and RAINING!  I honestly couldn’t tell you if I was wet from the run or the sweat.  Day 2 we opted for a 3-hour kayak excursion. I do consider this cross-training as there was a lot of maneuvering around the mangroves. Mimi and Reese like to really take in the sights so they preferred kayaking sideways through the mangroves.  It’s not recommended to do it this way by the way.  The other cross-training came when it was time to get back in the kayak after a quick swim in the ocean.  Super easy for the 20-year-old guide, slightly more difficult for the older-somethings in our party.

Mimi, Reese and and Lowi

Reese and Dale all smiles before having to get back in the kayak!
A few mornings we woke up to thunderstorms by 5am.  By the time they passed I couldn’t imagine going outside to do anything other than swim or jet ski, which is exactly what we did.

We did manage to get outside for another run, but I could practically see the humidity in the air.  I was dripping in sweat and had trouble putting one foot in front of the other.  I opted for walking.  I fully admit to being a wimp, but the humidity makes me want to lay down on the sidewalk and wait for a passing car to splash water from the nearest mud puddle.

I have two more days in paradise and I am not making any promises other than when I get back to Colorado I am going to get moving!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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