Thankful Thursday: Belly Laugh


There is this sixth sense, ESP-like quality that develops between friends, sisters, spouses, partners, where you know what the other person’s going to say or is thinking. You also tend to interpret the world much the same way.

Earlier this week, I exchanged some messages with Lowi after she’d arrived in Florida. She was down with sea turtle nests and up to vacation-style shenanigans. We didn’t chat long and there wasn’t much actual info exchanged but the ESP, psychic qualities kicked in. I could hear her telling me about turtles and mimosas in my head and laughing while doing it.
If you don’t know Lowi, she’s known for getting amused by something and before long she’s laughing so hard she’s crying. There comes a point where you have no idea what she’s saying but her laughing/crying is so contagious that you, too, are now laughing.
That’s what I was envisioning while we were texting and this was all happening while I was sitting in my grandpa’s old car, waiting on my husband’s vehicle at the Honda dealership. We are playing musical cars at the Barton house right now. We own three cars at the moment but only have one in our possession. It’s a long story and we’ve not reached belly laugh point with that just yet.
Anyway, I digress.

While I sat in a well-aged Sebring laughing at Lowi, my husband asked what was so funny. As I start to read the texts to him — it happens as it always does — I start laughing so hard that I start to cry. Of course, my uncontrollable laughter leads him to start laughing.
Let’s be honest if I shared the transcripts it’s not that funny or entertaining. It’s all the unspoken things. It’s the history that goes along with it that bring the laughter sometimes.
Everyone has those relationships in life.
And there is a medicinal, therapeutic quality about a good, hard belly laugh.
The kind where you almost can’t catch your breath, your cheeks start to hurt from smiling so hard and if you’re drinking any liquid there’s a chance that it may come out your nose.
Belly laughs are good for the soul in the current political, social and global state — we could all use a little stress reliever. And some joy.
I’m thankful for a belly sore from laughing, cheeks tight from smiling, and the potential for liquid coming out my nose.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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