Life Lesson: Leave A Smile in Your Wake

These days it doesn’t take much to renew one’s faith in humanity.  This week we have been traveling and oftentimes that brings out the grumpy in all of us.  Not so while we were in Ft. Lauderdale.  There have been doors opened, smiles shared and many a blessing offered.  At every turn we were met with so much kindness that you would not believe what you hear in the news.
On our first morning we debated where to eat breakfast.  The hubby had to make some phone calls for work so the girls and I went in search of something substantial to eat that maybe wouldn’t break our day’s budget.  Not likely.  We stumbled upon a restaurant in the hotel that offered a beautiful buffet.  We sat down and were immediately met by our 50-something server named Teresa.  We questioned whether there were any gluten-free items for our oldest or if we needed to order something a la carte.  Within minutes we had the chef at our table walking Alex through the buffet line and Teresa was serving our daughter gluten-free french toast.  She proceeded to call us all honey, brought us all fresh squeezed orange juice and told me she was having the chef make up some fresh blueberry pancakes.  What?  We ordered the buffet and now we were being served everything else on the menu!
Teresa informed me that the mimosas were only a $1 and, of course, I said, “I’ll take one.”
Teresa was getting concerned that my hubby had still not arrived at breakfast and we had been there for 30 minutes.  I told her not to worry, that he’d be down eventually or we’d order something “to go” for him.  Meanwhile, Teresa continued to bring hot dishes from the kitchen and refill my mimosa glass with only champagne.  By 10:30am the hubby arrived, I was tipsy and Teresa was practically dining with us.  We made quick introductions and Teresa began to shower Andy with the same service she had been giving us for the last hour.  He just looked at me slightly confused.  I just smiled and told him to eat his pancakes and drink his mimosa!
All good things must eventually come to an end and we told Teresa we were ready for the check.  She returned and told us she only charged our girls the child’s price.  We started laughing and told her that Alex was 21!  She didn’t seem to care.  She then brought us “to go” boxes so we could get some food for lunch.
Teresa had clearly taken us to raise and wanted to be sure we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if we needed a snack later.  Then she brought four “to go” cups.  Two were filled with lemonade for the girls and two were mimosas minus the orange juice.  Apparently, she thought the orange juice was no longer a necessary ingredient at this point in the morning.
We paid our bill, hugged her, thanked her profusely for such an amazing breakfast and promised to be back the next morning.
Later that day we returned to our hotel room to find that room service had been delivered. We all stood there looking at this tray with chocolate covered strawberries, cheese and crackers and champagne.  We all began to mentally scroll through who might know where we were staying…we couldn’t think of anyone.  Then we noticed a note under the plate of berries.
“Enjoy your stay.”  Teresa
I am pretty sure our mouths hit the floor at this point.  Teresa, our server, had sent us room service?
The next morning we again went to breakfast.  Teresa was so excited to see us and gave hugs all around.  She said, “I just like to surprise people sometimes and put a smile on their face.”
Well, she succeeded.
Once again, we had an amazing breakfast and Teresa packed us waters and bagels for our drive to Key West.
Teresa is one of those people you meet who leave a lasting impression.  She will be thought of with a smile and isn’t that what we all want?  To leave a smile in our wake.
Thank you Ft. Lauderdale and thank you, Teresa.  We will be smiling for days.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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